Building Perfectly Optimized Pages For

Your Solo Build It Website...

Today we're going to look at how you can have perfectly optimized pages that both Yahoo and MSN absolutely love.

I've touched on this in an earlier lesson but judging by the questions I've received, I thought I'd better give you some examples and elaborate on the strategy so you know for sure how to set your pages up.

I've used this exact same method of building optimized pages for my sites for over 3 years and no matter what happens or how these search engine's change their algorithms, I have pages that continue to rank well.

Of course, it's not always the same pages that rank well...but over the long haul, my average visitor numbers continue to rise.

I've shared some of my system in the .PDF eBook called Superchargesbi you received as a bonus, but I haven't included the whole story I'm going to share the missing link that most people just don't get about making their pages rank well.

But before we go on, I've got a favor to ask.

Please do not share this information with anybody.

I've kept it to myself and only shared it with a few close friends for years because if everyone starts using it then it will simply lose it's effectiveness but it can make a huge difference to your website's profitability if used correctly.

So please, keep this to part of the coaching course to yourself and use this strategy to build your own pages only, OK?

Thanks :-)

First up, please take two minutes to listen to a brief audio introduction to this system so you understand the big picture of what we are trying to achieve here and why less keywords per page is better and more effective than more.

You can listen by clicking on the play button below -

Here's some examples of the search engine rankings I've been able to achieve for my sites using the techniques you'll learn today to give you an idea of what's possible..

Of course I can't guarantee that you'll achieve the same results, but these screen shots speak for themselves...

The first 5 screen shots are from my old Solo Build It website. I don't own this site any more (long story :-( but it is relevant to look at how I set it up.

Example 1 - Here's one of my pages that ranks at number 2 out of 986,000 pages for the keyword phrase german shepherd dog names.


Example 2 - Here's a page that ranks number 2 out of 15,500,000 pages for the keyword phrase female dog name



Example 3 - This page ranks number 1 out of 498,000 competing pages for the keyword phrase female german shepherd names...



Example 4 - The page below ranks number 2 out of 1,510,000 competing pages for the keyword phrase german shepherd names



Example 5 - This page ranks number 1 out of 14,400,000 competing pages for the keyword phrase male dog name


Example 6 - And finally, from a client's website, this page ranks number 1 out of 1,710,000 competing pages for the keyword phrase romantic weekend escape...


I could show you a lot more examples of pages that rank very well on Yahoo (and on MSN as well), but you get the idea...

OK, let's get to work on doing this for your website's pages...

As you build each page using the Block by Block page builder, you have several boxes where you put your File Name, Page Title, Keywords and Description.

These are key components of your page's optimization and can make a huge difference to the rankings your website will achieve.

Here's what your new page will look like...

We'll use a page from our Hobby and Lifestyle site with the keyword phrase Male Dog Name as an example so you get the idea of what you need to do for your own pages. Just copy this formula and you'll see the results.

Here's what the page looks like after I inserted the relevant information -

Step 1 - File Name Use an on-topic file name that matches the theme of your website. In this example, my page is called male-dog-name.

Step 2 - Page Title Use your main keyword for this page TWICE in the Title Tag. This will boost your Search Engine rankings as your page will be seen to be much more on-topic than many others.

This is your Search Engine listing's headline, so make it compelling so your searcher wants to click on your listing. It's one thing to have your page ranking well, but if nobody clicks, it's not much good to you.

I've also seen good results using something like - Male Dog Name | Puppy Names Boy | Male Dog Names - so it will pay to test it.

Step 3 - Keywords Put your primary keyword first and don't use any more than three or four additional keywords. This keeps the page tightly focused and on-topic.

Step 4 - Description Use your primary keyword TWICE in your page's description as well. Once at the start and again later in the copy. Try to put your other keywords in there as well IN THE SAME ORDER as they are in the Keywords box.

Make your description compelling so your searcher wants to click on your listing over all the others demanding her attention. Again, this is your websites 'Ad' so you need to create a desire in your reader to visit your website so you can capture her name and email address for follow up later.

Your page is now set up behind the scenes, now for the content your visitors will actually see when they arrive.

Step 5 - Your Content Your on-page content needs to follow along using the same formula as we used to set up the fields above.

Include your main page's keyword in the first, second and final paragraphs of your body copy, as well as several times throughout your page.

If possible, include your other supporting keywords in these same paragraphs in the same order as they appear in your Keywords box to get the most mileage out of everything you can.

To use a different example, read through my page and see how I set this up. Model this page for yourself and your pages will be well set up for Google, Yahoo and MSN and your rankings should start to improve over time.

It's not an overnight thing though, as it can take time for your pages to rank well.

And you need to start getting some incoming links to your site as well to rank well, especially with Google. Your on-page, off-page optimization and keyword selection all work together to help your site rank well in the search engines.

And of course, things change all the time. But you can have pages that bring you a continuous stream of targeted visitors if you take the time to set things up correctly the first time.

To learn more, visit this page to watch videos on exactly how I do this with one of my pages.

I hope this lesson has filled in the missing pieces on how to get the most out of your page optimization.