What about changing the size
of pictures, copyright and tier
two and three pages...?

Question - I'm going to have pages for many keywords and I'm not sure how to get started.

How do I use keywords on these? Is it important? Do I just start pages, copy and paste and upload?

What do you do about the size of photo's?

Can I use your copyright info as a guide?

What about the buttons (links) to my other tiers, and links in and out?

What should I consult in this maze of info?

Answer - Yes your keywords are most important when building your pages.

Brainstorm each major keyword and build pages around the most profitable sub keyword the Brainstormer brings back.

Watch this video on finding high value, easy to rank well for keywords using the Brainstormer.

Or if you can't find a keyword that you feel better matches what you want to write about after brainstorming those above, just use the keywords you found in your researcch and set your pages up like I show you in the SuperchargeSBI ebook.

That's one or two keywords per page, main keyword twice in the title box and description wherever possible, once in the first and second paragraphs of your page and sprinkled throughout the body copy of your page as well.

For more info on optimizing your pages, watch the videos from this page.

Build pages for all of those words you've found that should be profitable and then start getting some incoming links as outlined in the Action Guide and my email course.

I've found the easiest way to change the size of photos is to open them in Microsoft Paintbrush which comes inside Windows XP and change the size of them there (choose image, stretch/skew and change the size to 50%, 80% or whatever fits in with your page), then resave them. I've created a Camtasia video that shows you how. Click here to watch the video

Name them using a relevant keyword of course so they get picked up in the Google and Yahoo image directories as well and put a keyword in the 'Alt' tag and 'Mouse over Text' boxes when you are uploading them into your web page. 

To see how to optimize your graphics and why it's so important to do so, watch this video.

Once you've done that, just build your pages...