Have you got any tips on quick content creation?

Question - What's a quick easy way to generate ideas for articles and website content?

Answer - Your website visitors, customers or prospects are always asking questions. Tune into these questions, group them by topic, and then write an article that answer each question.

Using the topic of website development, you might have 7 questions from your audience that get asked over and over again. Each of them makes excellent article topics.

Better still, when you answer each question the first time, think along the lines of using that answer as content for your website.

Give your reader the best answer you can possibly come up with, even if it takes you 15 to 30 minutes to write it out and proof read it, then use it (changing the identifying details of course) as new content for your site.

If it's good enough, you can even change it slightly (so it's not duplicate content, the search engines frown on this) and submit it to Article Directories (or let Article Marketer do it for you) as well.

This is getting maximum leverage from your time and talent, and every page you add to your site is like another fishing line in the lake - it has the potential to catch you more visitors and subscribers...