Please explain how I can use Viral marketing like Harvey Segal does with my new eBook?

Question - You mention Harvey Segal's ebook The Ultimate Supertip in the viral marketing section of your coaching course.

I'm putting an eBook together to give away for viral purposes. Is the $10 package mentioned in Harvey's eBook what I need to produce it?

I'm not sure if I want to have the ability to re-brand it (not sure if I even grasp the reason why I should), just produce and deliver it.

Answer - It's mainly the system Harvey uses to get his book delivered virally that is the interesting part, not the products in the package.

The re-branding tool that comes with the package is great if you want to get other people to send your ebook on with their affiliate links in some of the offers (they have more incentive to do so if they can profit from it).

The idea is to let people re-brand some of the affiliate links but not let them re-brand your name as author or your own website address throughout the book.

Then if you have say 10 affiliate links in the book, let people re-brand say 5 of them, even up to all 10 of them, depending on how you want to use the book.

If your goal is to make a profit from the links in the book, let people re-brand some of the links and keep the rest for yourself, so they'll still have an incentive to pass it on.

If your goal is to have lots more people pass your book around and then have the people who get it visit your website (to get a special offer you put in the book) then let them re-brand most or all of the links.

My suggestion for the first one would be let them rebrand say half the links (so people will want to pass it on to their friends), keep half the links for yourself, and make an offer in the book and again at the end for something (like another free report to get people on your list) that people have to come to your site and leave their name and email address to get.

However, the rebranding tool included in Harvey's $10 package doesn't work with Solo Build It so you'll either need to upload the script to a cheap web-host so other people can rebrand the book on the fly, or buy Viral PDF (which is what I use at the moment) which works fine but requires more work to have your affiliates use it.