How do I promote Solo Build It
using direct mail?

Question - I'm using targeted direct mail to contact business people in my local area. I've just sent them a letter but so far I've had no response. How can I improve my results? 

Answer - One thing that professional direct mailers have found is that you don't want to leave it too long between mailings. Three letters, each 10 days apart, is a typical sequence that has proven to massively increase response rates. 

The first one is structured like you've done here. 

The second one is typically of the "Hey, I wrote to you last week and I didn't hear form you, so I thought I'd follow up", repeats the initial message and includes additional reasons to order (maybe links to the Sitesell Results page, the Traffic Test page, so something similar). 

The third message usually takes the form of "Frankly I'm confused, I've written twice and I didn't hear from you. Do you have any questions, do you need more information, etc." 

Then if there's no life in the list it's time to reassess. If there is a response after three messages, many marketers will continue to mail additional letters until there is no response again and the list goes cold. 

With Solo Build It's good initial and ongoing commissions, it is possible to make direct mail work to a targeted list like you've done here, but you will need to follow up well and stay on top of things. 

By leaving your follow until next year, your list could have gone seriously cold and you'll most likely have to warm them up all over again. 

Anyhow, hope this helps