You've gotta have Conviction to make it with SBI...

What’s so special about rich people? 

Forbes Magazine’s annual list of America’s richest people came out a little while back. 

Looking over the list of who's who among the richest people on the planet, I couldn’t help but wonder what got these people to be where there are today. 

When it comes to investing and building a successful business, people often ask me a similar question… 

What’s so special about successful investors and business owners? 

People think there’s some kind of magic ingredient... maybe it's instinct some of them are born with that helps them take millions from life while everyone else struggles. 

This is a question I can answer… 

The truth is, there is a magic ingredient. 

It’s called conviction

You can’t win without it – in any business, and especially when it comes to building a Solo Build It website. 


Years ago I purchased several properties as investments. I'd read some books about investing and decided that it was what I wanted to do...get rich in real estate.

I hung on to those properties for a DECADE with small ups and downs in their market price but no net rise in their value...

NONE! Not a cent.

I finally sold them when my cash flow got tight and I wanted to move on to something more 'exciting'. 

To get out of the mess, I even sold one of them for a net loss of $11,000! After holding the damn thing for over 10 years...

I had no conviction. Two years later, they had doubled in value. Three years later they had tripled at least, and one block of land had gone up by 10 times what I sold it for... 

If I had done any homework on the property market, I could have seen immediately how strong the investment case was - we were ripe for a monumental property BOOM - and I would never have sold then.

But I didn’t. I was lazy. 

When the time came to make a decision on whether to keep or sell my properties, I blew it. 

You could say hard work is just as important to success as conviction. 

And experience and good sense are too. And you would be missing the point of what I'm trying to teach you. 

Conviction IS hard work. It IS experience. It IS good sense. 

It’s all these things bundled together...

Conviction and believing in their business led Bill Gates to the top of the Forbes list. 

And conviction in his investment ideas and philosophy, even in the face of occasional derision among many of his detractors, led Warren Buffett to the number two position. 

These guys have continued to invest everything... their money, their families, even their time, into their convictions. 

They had enough belief in their abilities, that even when things looked bad – and I’m sure there were times – they never gave up...

So, do you have the conviction to hold the line until your SBI business becomes profitable?

Can you hold the line and get over 'The Hump' that forces so many out of the game just before they find success?

I hope so.

Go and read through some of the Case Studies again. What can you learn from these people that will help you to build your own site better?

Go and look at what a teenage girl has been able to put together at Anguilla to remind yourself of what's possible.

You are not just building a web business to make a few bucks, you are building a long term asset that has the potential to bring you and your family income for years into the future, with very little work required in it's upkeep once it's all set up (Nori spends a couple of hours a week on her site now).

So with this in mind, ask you have the conviction to see it through?

99% of the people on this planet don't - but I think you do...

Happy SBI'ing,