Can we use Solo Build It for our
membership site?

Question - Is it possible to do a subscription site with the Solo Build It program? How will the spiders find the content if it's hidden behind passwords? Someone told me they can't...

Answer - You can build pages using Solo Build It and protect them behind passwords, that's correct, and yes the SE spiders will find the pages but they won't be able to spider them because they won't be able to get around the password. 

That's the way it should be, because otherwise your protected content will show up in Google's index over time, which you don't want.

If somebody then does a search in Google to find all of your pages, every page that Google has indexed will show up, and your hidden content will be amongst them. 

Not good...

You really have two main choices - 

Your best bet to be totally safe would be to build normal pages without password protection on a different, non Solo Build It site that isn't ever submitted or found by the search engines. 

Then use your Solo Build It site to generate leads for that site for you. 

You could password protect the one main page which holds the links to all the other content on your non-Solo Build It site, and then you have only one page where you will have support issues when people forget their password.

You could set this up on an autoresponder so that when people request the password, Form Build It sends it to them automatically and you will be notified that somebody asked for their password to keep track of who is asking.

The problem with this is that everyone will have the same password and it's easy for them to share just it around :-(

You could also just password protect every page of your Solo Build It membership site itself and the spiders will not be able to index the content, but you will most likely have a support nightmare due to everyone forgetting their passwords every time they log in.

Solo Build It wasn't really set up for membership sites though. It's core task is to help you generate traffic for m0netization through all sorts of means, or to your non Solo Build It membership site, but it's not the best solution for both.

Maybe you could set your private membership content up as .PDF files and upload them to Solo Build It instead. These files aren't indexed at all because they sit in a different part of your Solo Build It account.

Then you could send people a regular email with a download link to each document.

Or when they join you could send them the link to a password protected landing page (again, you are going to have support issues with missing passwords etc.) which contains all of the links to your .PDF documents instead of your content on web pages.

That's probably how I would do it depending on what sort of content your site contains.