Can Solo Build It be used to generate offline leads for local business owners...and how do I get paid?

Question - I have a friend who has three businesses and I'd like to earn a referral fee for sending him customers. How can I do this?

Answer - Yes there is a big opportunity for you to promote your friends business online to generate him sales leads. 

You would just have to brainstorm the various keywords related to each one, find potentially pr0fitable niches within the industry, preferably attract people onto a list using a free report that he (with your help maybe) created about how people can solve their problems in that industry.

Offering a free report is a great strategy for capturing targeted leads for any business because you can focus your prospect's attention solely on you and block out all of your competition.

For example you could offer something like this - 

Free Report reveals the 7 secret shortcuts your Printer hopes you never find out

... or 

Free Report reveals why you are paying at least twice as much for your skin care as you should be 

... or something like that.

It gives readers several tips that they can use and then shows them why he's the only person in your area who can solve their problem.

These reports help to build his credibility and cut down on people 'price shopping' where they call half a dozen businesses and just ask for a quote - everyone's competing on price instead of value and business owners are looking for ways of not having to be the lowest bidder to get the job or sell their products.

Once the Report is ready, you offer it to people stopping by your website, they download it or and read the page it's on (preferably after they give you their email address), and inside there's an offer for some special limited deal. 

People have to bring or fax (or you could use a form with Form Build It to generate online enquires and have a copy sent to yourself so you can track it too) the offer into his store or office or whatever so he can track the responses, and for each one he could pay you a referral fee.

Most business owners are in total denial about using the Internet for generating leads for their business.

If you can show them how the can get leads that they only have to pay for once sales are made, they'd be nuts not to take you up on it.

That's the system I'm using here and it works well once people understand they don't have to pay for leads until they make a sale.

You just get your business owner to record each sale on the form people give him, count up what he owes you at the end of the month and pay you.

And if he ever rips you off or doesn't want to pay you, you just take all of your ongoing leads to his biggest competitor, and then tell him about how well they're doing with your help :-)

It's a bit of work compared to sending somebody to an affiliate program online, but the rewards are good once it's set up.