Can I Use Different Templates With Solo Build It?

Question - I don't like any of the standard SBI templates. Can I buy different templates from somebody else and use them with my SBI site?

Answer - Yes the initial SBI templates were a bit limited but there is a growing range of new ones available now.

Before we go on, please take 2 minutes to listen to an audio message from me. Turn up your speakers and hit the 'Play' button below -

Check these out inside the Look and Feel Selector within Site Central and if you can't find anything suitable, you can certainly buy many different ones online.

It doesn't matter whether you use one of the standard templates or if you purchase something online, watch this video tutorial to learn how to upload your templates to your SBI site if you aren't sure.

If you aren't happy with any of the templates SBI offers, do a Google search for "Solo Build It templates" and you'll find plenty to choose from.

You'll find them in all price ranges, but make sure you buy a dedicated Solo Build It template and not a general one or it won't be compatible with the SBI system.

Once you find the right template you just upload it into SBI (see the tutorial above for how to do this) and it overwrites the one you had there in the first place; that's all there is to it.

I find for most sites the standard templates (especially the new ones) are OK because honestly the look and feel is the least important thing on your site - plain white outsells everything else on most occasions, just look at Google's homepage :-)

I know it's a personal thing and everyone wants their site to look good, but don't focus too much on the look and feel, focus on solving your visitor's problems.

Choose a basic template from the new ones available, start working through the process of brainstorming and content building and you can change the template easily later on if it really bothers you that much.

If you want a specific look and feel you may want to go to a designer at some stage and get someone to create a top banner that will help to brand your site, but you don't need it as the start (and you really don't ever need it at all).