How To Make A Fortune From Someone Else's Product Launch Without Being An Affiliate Or Promoting Their Offer

I've had a lot of questions recently from people who are wondering how to piggy-back on the coat-tails of all these product launches you see these days.

You know what I mean. Every week you see at least one new launch advertised and promoted by all the online marketing gurus. Surely there's a way you can make a buck out of this, right?

I just found this cool article written by Jimmy Brown that gives you a step-by-step guide on how to do this and capitalize on the popularity of products right when interest is at it's peak.

Read this article now and then work out how you can apply it to YOUR niche market...

By Jimmy D. Brown of Small Reports Fortune

I'm an observer. I watch marketers and how they work. I look at how people respond to marketing. And I've discovered something interesting over the years that I want to share with you as it relates to building your internet business.

Hot topics and trends come along regularly. There's always a new "in" thing making an appearance on the radar screen. And whenever there's a new rage, there will be marketers who jump on the bandwagon.

That can pay off big for YOU if you're smart.

Let me explain.

What happens when a new trend or technique or tool surfaces?

People begin to talk about it.

Marketers begin convincing people why they need it. Consumers tell their stories. Discussions take place. Hype builds. Sometimes controversy breaks out. An education process unfolds.

Through it all ... DEMAND increases.

Now, here's where you come along.

You piggyback on the popularity of the latest big hit by creating a small report on the topic. You get the benefit of other marketers creating hungry leads for your offer without them even knowing it.

Let me give you an example -


When John Reese released Traffic Secrets it was a huge success. He sold over a million dollars worth of product in one twenty-four hour period. However, at a $997.00 asking price, it was out of reach for many consumers.


What if YOU had decided to write a 15 page small report entitled, "Free Traffic Secrets" and offered it for $20 ... do you think you would have had any takers? Of course!

Why? Because every marketer on the planet was talking about the need for web site traffic so they could build interest in John's course. They were creating hungry leads for your offer without them even knowing it. 

All of these marketers expertly and persuasively pointed out the necessity, benefits and usages of getting web site traffic. They, in essence, would have created demand for the TOPIC of your small report.

1. Many of those that couldn't afford John's high-ticket product would likely buy your small report because the end result of getting site traffic was something they had been told repeatedly they needed!

2. Many of those who could afford John's high-ticket product would also likely buy your small report because of the same reason AND they would like to know what you might offer differently than John.

Do you see how powerful this is?

Even as I type this lesson out, I have received DOZENS of emails today announcing a new co-registration product that everyone's talking about.

I could spend a few hours this evening writing a small report on the same topic and sell it like crazy tomorrow because of everything that's being said about the subject today.

So, what's the lesson for you to learn here -

The surest way to create a hot-selling small report is to pick a topic related to that which everyone is talking about.

You know, it doesn't matter what "market" you're in, chances are you see the same kinds of outbreaks that I see in "internet marketing" circles ...

  • Major product launches

  • New technologies and tools

  • Fresh research 

  • Innovative features and improvements

  • Ground-breaking news

  • Hot topics of discussion

  • Best-selling books

  • Interest-grabbing magazine articles

  • Emerging trends 

The list could go on and on, right?

It shouldn't come as a big surprise that you need to monitor what's going on around you, specifically looking for the latest topic everyone's talking about.

You can do this by regularly browsing 4 trend and event "hot spots"...

1. Active Forums. Find at least one ACTIVE forum related to your market and regularly visit it to look for ideas. Keyword here is "active". The ideal forum will have a number of participants who regularly post messages.

2. News Feeds. You can begin with's news center at You should also look for a news feed or site that is specific to your field of interest. 

For example: I regularly visit to stay on top of events related to some of my Christian sites.

3. Article Directories. Spend a few minutes at your favorite article directory, focusing specifically on the NEWEST articles posted and the TOP RECENT articles read. I regularly check

4. Competitor's Lists. You'll also want to "spy" on what your competition is doing by joining their lists. 

When a major competitor begins highlighting certain topics in their content (I.E. "articles") and / or releases or promotes a specific product, it's a good indication that you should pay attention.

All of these things allow you to capitalize on the current buzz!

Create small reports based on these buzz-worthy topics.


Jimmy D. Brown is the author of Small Reports Fortune - if you can write 7-15 page small reports, you can earn a living online working just a few hours each week from your home. Look for his EXCLUSIVE formula for "Creating A Six-Figure Income With Small Reports" at his Small Reports Website.


This is a KILLER strategy that anyone can apply to any niche market. If you're not ready to buy the full course, but would like to learn more about Small Reports, here's a free report Jimmy penned entitled "Five Steps to a Big-Profit, S.M.A.L.L. Reports Business".

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I hope this article gives you some great ideas of how to implement this into your own web business, and make sure you grab a copy of Jimmy's free Report on how to turn short reports into long term income by visiting the page above.

Until next time,


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