Please explain what the difference is between tier 2 and tier 3 pages?

Question - How do I decide which are tier 2 and which are tier 3 pages in the pyramid structure?

Answer - Just try to make your readers journey through your site flow smoothly. What you will find is that you will probably have the larger 'theme' type keywords as tier two's and the more descriptive, more tightly targeted keywords as tier threes.

It doesn't matter which order your pages are in for search engines, only for human visitors. As your site gets going and you start building more content, the natural flow will become evident if it's not already.

Plus, you can rearrange pages any time you like if you decide one should be moved from tier 2 to tier 3 because your ideas develop further and you learn more about the process.

The Action Guide goes through it all so just follow the process through the days there...