Why is Ken so adamant about registering a new domain name for my Solo Build It site. I've already
got one, can't I use that?

Question - Why does SBI strongly encourage you to register their domain name through them. Why can't I just change the name server information of my existing name?

Does SBI own the domain name or do I own it? What happens to the domain name if I decide I don't need hosting anymore?

I just want to make sure, since it says that it strongly encourages people to fins a new domain name and it would be hard to transfer the domain name if you already owned one.

However why would I need to transfer the domain name instead of the name servers.

Answer - You own the domain name, even if after two months you cancel your SBI and get a refund.

If you don't need hosting any more, the domain just sits there unused until it expires at the end of 12 months (just like if you register it with any other domain registrar).

The cost of the domain name is included in the price of SBI and because of the way SBI is set up internally, you have to register the domain (or arrange to have an existing name transferred) through the Brainstormer module.

It's the only automated way of doing it - transferring has to be done manually by Sitesell support staff.

It's quicker for them to register a new domain than transfer an existing one because they have to do it manually for you (you can't do it yourself, they don't give you the ability, probably to stop newbies stuffing it up) and I've heard of it taking up to 3 weeks to get it done with the workload they have (don't ask me why :-).

Plus, Ken has found that 95% of the existing domain names people already have don't directly relate to the best, most succinct keyword for their new niche site so they recommend only registering a name after brainstorming all of your favorite niches and choosing the perfect keyword phrase.