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Solo Build It Mastery Lesson 24 - The Power Of Keyword Specificity...

I've been reading lots of stuff lately on improving website performance and one theme has come through over and get maximum leverage from your website you MUST build content related to the specific keywords people are searching for.

But not just any keywords, you want to build pages around the keywords people are searching for when they are about to BUY a product.

Let me explain...

Imagine you are thinking of buying a new golf club, let's say a driver, because you want to add extra length to your drives (all your mates can out-drive you by 20 yards or more and you want to make up for that using a little bit of the latest technology to help you out :-).

You start your research into the best driver to choose by entering the keyword phrase golf drivers into your favorite search engine.

Your search query comes up with 150 million pages loosely related to the phrase golf drivers. That's just too many listings to look through to make a buying decision, but you start your research there anyway.

Boy, Let's Trim That Down A Little...

You look through the first few listings (,, etc.) and find out that many people are recommending the Big Berth driver and it has some great reviews from leading pros.

You look at the competition in the driver market and you decide that one of the big bertha range is probably the club for you.

Next, you do a search for big bertha divers and come up with 1.2 million pages of information to wade through.

You come up with three or four sites on the first couple of pages that look interesting.

Most of them are shopping sites with no real content, but a couple of them have useful articles related to Big Bertha drivers.

You settle on the Big Bertha titanium 454 driver. 

Now you are ready to actually BUY this club, so you enter the phrase buy big bertha titanium 454 driver into your search engine to find the best price.

You now search for the best price and deliver conditions (hey you want it today now that it's sooo close :-) and buy the driver from the merchant of your choice.

Can you see the distinction?

  • The keyword phrase golf drivers is a research keyword.

  • The keyword phrase big bertha divers defines the search further, but it still isn't specific enough for most people to make a buying decision. They are still often in 'research' mode at this stage.

  • The keyword phrase buy big bertha titanium 454 driver is a buying phrase. 

These are the phrases you want to build your tier three or four pages for. These are the 'money' pages where people will click through to your merchant after they have been PRE-sold on the benefits of buying the big bertha titanium 454 driver.

Your keywords for the pages in your site's structure would be -

  • Tier two - golf drivers

  • Tier three - big bertha divers

  • Tier four - buy big bertha 454 driver or buy big bertha titanium 454 driver

You won't get many people arriving on the last two pages, but the visitors who do come will be ready to buy a big bertha titanium 454 driver!

And you'll be right there to recommend your merchant to them...and earn a referral commission :-)

But doesn't that mean you have to build lots of pages related to all of these products and services? For example, there would be hundreds of different golf drivers on the market.

Well, yes, if you want to make the most money you will...

By having pages related to all of the drivers available you will gradually rank well for some, then more of them over time.

Then your good rankings for these easy-to-rank-for pages will start to see your harder keyword focused pages to rank well as well.

I've mentioned before the value of reading through the examples in the Sitesell Case Studies site and one thing I noticed in Jerry Mack's story is this phrase...

"The pages I built based on product model numbers brought in traffic because they were usually ranked very high in the search engines -- and that traffic, while lower, was super-targeted." 

Please read the phrase above again. 

Can you see what Jerry is saying here?

He uses the specific model numbers of the equipment he sells as the primary keywords on the tier three or four pages of his website.

When somebody wants to buy a Sonosite 180plus they do a search for this model and find Jerry's page. The read his benefit laden copy and click on the 'Special Pricing' link at the bottom...and Jerry makes a sale.

Want another example?

Mark Liron's c00d11cd error page gives a fix for a common problem with Windows Media player. While the advice on fixing the problem is free, Mark has included all sorts of product recommendations and Google Adsense on this page to monetize it.

This is how master affiliates and web marketers turn their sites into super profitable businesses

How can you use Mark and Jerry's sites
as a model for your own?

By finding the exact, specific model numbers of the products and services your affiliate merchants sell, and building keyword focused content pages for each one.

Put great PRE selling copy on your pages, a picture of the product on the page if possible that is also a hyperlink to the specific product on your merchant's website or order page, and you're set.

Then do it for all of the products in your merchant's range that you want to promote.

You also need to build pages for the important research keywords as you will start to rank well for these over time (see The TAO Of SBI inside Site Central for why this happens) but your focused product related pages will bring in a stream of highly targeted, ready-to-buy visitors who have done their research and are ready to take action.

How sweet is that?

I hope this lesson helps you to increase your website's revenue and puts you on the way to becoming a super affiliate or selling a lot more of your own products and services.

Until next week,


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