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How To Use Viral Marketing In
Your Online Business ... An
Advanced Lesson You Can Copy
And Use Yourself

Viral marketing is one of the most powerful techniques you can use to promote your website, your own products or even products you have resale rights to if you do it wisely.

Harvey Segal has taken viral marketing to the next level by offering his Ultimate SuperTips ebook to anyone for free and including an incredible offer inside that is hard for anyone interested in building an online business to resist.

Let's pull this campaign apart and see what makes it tick...

First, the subscription page...

Harvey starts off with a powerful testimonial from Lynn Terry, which says - "The greatest viral marketing idea of all time"

I can't argue with that at all, it's gotta be close.

He then goes straight into the offer for The Ultimate SuperTip ebook -

  • Yours free

  • No email to enter

  • Nothing to buy

  • Get it now

Many people won't even read past here, they'll just grab it to see what's going on. He's using one of the most powerful persuasion techniques here, curiosity.

He spells it all out for us by telling us we don't have to buy anything, he uses testimonials to build credibility for his free ebook offer, and leads us to the download without even asking for an email address.

He does this because he lets his affiliates capture their own subscribers' email details so they can follow up themselves. Very clever.

It's absolutely painless to download the thing because there's no catches, it is absolutely FREE!

This makes it extremely viral because people have no risk; they know he's not going to contact them, and when they pass it on their friends have the same feeling.

It's a very clever technique, you should use this in your own products where you can.

Now to the book itself

Harvey outlines and summarizes the complete book in the first few paragraphs, again building curiosity and making readers wonder what the -

  • Very best way to promote any product is

  • What his ingenious twist is

  • And finally, what his astonishing viral idea is

It's a very compelling introduction, and you would do well to copy this model in your own products, especially your free PRE-selling products. It will help to encourage your readers to continue through to the end of your ebook, video or audio recording (where your offer is :-)

His first tip is to get your own product. This can be a problem for many people but you can always substitute products you own the resale rights to instead until you create your own products.

It's not as good, but it might still work just as well for you as Harvey explains

He then goes on to promote several of his other websites where he sells ebooks on related topics. I have to admit I really wanted to buy a couple of those items.

Then he makes a compelling case against trying to build a properly optimized website using SEO (just like we are doing right now with our 'Solo Build It sites...)

He's right of course for most people, but we do have an advantage that most people don't by using SBI, so we can ignore his warnings here.

Many of you will have heard me say that search engines are only part of the traffic generation mix, and to rely only on search engine traffic is a high risk strategy - you need multiple streams of traffic to your website, and the methods Harvey explains later on will give you others.

Next, Harvey tells us the best way to win customers is by giving away free information. No news there, we're already doing that with our SBI sites.

He reinforces Ken Evoy's PRE-selling concept with the use of an ebook and an ezine ad, but we can also use the free traffic generated by our SBI sites to accomplish the same thing: it's the best of both worlds.

Of course, you never just let people download your ebooks totally free, you ask them to give you their name and email address so you can follow up later with -

  • Lifetime upgrades to the ebook (even if you never intend to upgrade the book, you might in the future and it gives people a reason to subscribe, they don't want to miss out on any upgrades...)

  • Related news and articles of interest, and

  • Occasional product recommendations

Most people will not mind giving you their contact details if you explain it this way and tell them why you want their details. Here's the thankyou page from my hobby and lifestyle site to give you an idea of how I do this -

You'll see I tell people exactly what to expect so there aren't any surprises or spam complaints.

OK, back to Harvey's book...

He then discusses article distribution as a means of getting traffic and I can't fault his advice here, we've already discussed this in the coaching lessons...

Then he talks about why and how to allow your affiliates to re-brand your ebooks and articles with their own affiliate links, supercharging the viral nature of your work.

He explains that up until now, it's been a pain to get affiliates to re-brand books because of the technical aspects of doing it, but then he offers you the solution - on-the-fly re-branding, what a neat idea.

As soon as I read about Super Rebrander, I wanted! What a great tool to help sell more products; I was sold on the idea.

Harvey then outlines the exact step by step process he's just given us again into easily manageable tasks.

It's a very powerful strategy and you should do this with any products you create, break the steps down so anyone can follow along, step 1, do this, step 2, do this, and so on.

Then on page 15 he says -

In the next chapter we supply the tools for you to carry out this strategy.

"Whether you decide to use them or not don't forget to read Chapter 15, it's unmissable"

Of course he wants you to read Chapter 15, that's where his offer is...very clever!

He then outlines a list of products that many Internet marketers will need and makes a compelling case for owning reach one...and then he hits you with the price of the entire package - 10 bucks!

What a deal.

If you are interested in building a business online and you've got a pulse, you've got to have your credit card out right about now. I know I did.

One final kicker before we move on.

The second last line of that page says -

"Also included in the price is a VERY special item.

As you will find out in the final chapter."

What is this special item? I've got to find out what it is...

Of course, it's the special affiliate link that gives you as his affiliate 100% of the $10 when somebody buys the ebook.

He then explains everything in a question and answer format (you should also copy this technique if you get the same question a lot from your customers - answer their questions up front if you can)

He then promises one final bonus for people who don't know how to set up a website, but you have to spend your $10 to get it. That's a small price to pay.

Finally, he says that if you can't make at least 1 sale in the next 10 days, he'll give you your money back...the ultimate no-risk offer.

All in all, a very compelling lesson in advanced viral marketing.

My advice?

If you haven't done so already, grab your copy of Harvey's free ebook here.

Sit down and read it (really study it) 3 times from cover to cover, and think about ways you could apply this technique to your business.

Even if you aren't ready to do it yet, read through the book and let it's lessons soak into your subconscious mind. When the time is right, you'll be ready...

If you think it's something you'll be able to use later on, grab the $10 offer, even if it's just to get your hands on the re-brander script.

Important Note - Unfortunately, this re-branding script won't work inside your SBI account so you'll need to get it set up on a separate, cheap web hosting account somewhere before you can use it, but that's no big deal.

I hope this lesson has helped you understand the power of Harvey's viral marketing technique.

To your success,