What are your thoughts on website liability insurance?

Question - Do you have any clue regarding where I go to get Website Liability Insurance? We want to be protected in case somebody sues us...

Answer - Sorry, I have never heard of website liability insurance. I guess it's like public liability, but nobody's talking about it that I've seen.

You should consult your legal professional about this, but I think the best bet and what others do is to set up an asset protection structure to own your website and have it insulated away from your personal assets. 

That way all you lose in the event of a problem is the structure and you are OK. Still sucks, but better than the alternative :-( 

Your legal person will be able to help you there. Also, have all the required website pages you need to cover your butt (privacy policy, terms of use, earnings disclaimer if required, children's privacy policy as part of your main policy) to keep everything under control. 

Autoweblaw can help you with all of these. Here's the full article on asset protection