"What Exact Items Are
Included With The Package?"

Most of the programs we reviewed were nothing more than a plain, text-filled PDF e-book along with a couple of mediocre bonus items that were "tossed into the mix". Sorry to say, but the majority of these programs literally put us to sleep.

The Muscle Gain Truth No-Fail System is far more than that. You get Sean's colourful, picture-filled best selling e-book, plus all kinds of interesting and entertaining support modules and bonus items.

This includes audio and video courses, interactive question and answer tools, progress tracking software, a printable workout logbook, a video exercise database, one-on-one email coaching, hardcore workout footage and much more.

Here is everything you'll receive...

(Note: This is what the current package looks like at the time of this writing. You'll want to double check on Sean's website to verify what his exact offer currently is, as it may change over time.)

The Truth About Building Muscle E-Book

Ranked by clickbank.com as the most popular muscle building program online today, "The Truth About Building Muscle" is a 249-page, info-packed guide to building maximum muscle size and strength in minimum time.

26-Week Workout Plan & Logbook

A detailed 26-week workout guide including the exact number of sets, reps and exercises to perform on which days. The 26-week plan includes a printable logbook that allows you to track your progress in the gym each week.

Exercise Technique Video Database

Includes full descriptions and videos of over 100 of the most effective weightlifting exercises in existence. Learn proper form to prevent injuries and to maximize the effectiveness of each lift.

The Customized "No-Fail" Meal Plans

You get all nine 12-week meal plans ranging from 2000 to 6000 calories. You'll never have to wonder what you should eat to achieve maximum growth. You also get full grocery lists and meal preparation instructions.

Online Video Training Module

This 6-part online video lesson series will teach you the most effective, growth producing methods for training each individual muscle group: your chest, back, arms, shoulders, legs and abs, with a full video lesson dedicated to each.

3-Month MGT Progress Tracker 6000

Use this revolutionary piece of software to track virtually every single aspect of your fitness program including your muscle gains, body weight, body fat percentage, diet plan, workouts, progress images and more.

"My Personal Trainer" Software

It's like having Sean with you as your personal trainer, 24/7. Have a question about training, nutrition, injuries or even which supplement to use? Just type it in and the powerful Personal Trainer Software scours the entire database to deliver you the answer... instantly.

In The Trenches: Hardcore Workout Vid

Get your hands on this "stolen and recovered" workout footage where Sean blasts his way through 23 muscle-crunching sets in the gym and shows you how to pump weights the right way. Includes full commentary and narration for all exercises.

8-Part "Bod Pod" Mp3 Audio Course

"The Top 12 Bodybuilding Mistakes Revealed" contains over 2.5 hours of hard-hitting audio installments where Sean reveals the most costly mistakes that almost all trainees make in and out of the gym and how you can avoid them.

VIP Placement In The School Of Muscle

There is no better way to guarantee your success, while speeding up your learning curve, than by having a community there to help you. Meet friends... Develop advanced techniques... Get your own webspace. Your first month is FREE!

The Personalized Workout Plans

Workout plans customized to various situations... Injuries? You can still workout! Extremely busy? How 'bout a plan that is all you need, but only 2 days a week? Can't get to the gym? How 'bout a plan that has you working out at home.

The "Hotseat Interview"

Reporter Jason Brooks takes on Sean in this explosive interview. He didn't know Jason was going to sandbag him with some of those questions... But you be the judge on whether or not Sean tore him a new one.

Lifetime Product Updates

In addition to everything else, you'll also receive free lifetime product updates. As Sean adds even more sections and features to the package, you can update your copy absolutely free for as long as you own it.

... Get It ALL for FREE!

Once you buy the program, you become an "instant affiliate". That means you refer one friend and you get half your money back... Refer two, and your entire package is now FREE. Want to refer more? Sean shows you how and you'll earn a 51% commission each time.

If that's not a complete muscle-building package right there then we don't know what is!

You will NOT find another program out there that offers this detailed of a system for such a low price... and we would know, we saw them all!

When you place your order on Sean's website, you'll also have the chance to upgrade to the "Gold Version" of the program which includes even more critical add-ons.

If you're truly serious about developing a muscular, head-turning body, then we strongly encourage you to grab the Gold Upgrade, as it only costs a few extra bucks and will multiply your chances of success even further.

Go ahead and check it out for yourself...

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