How Do I Work Out Which Brainstormer Keywords To Keep?

Question - How do I know which keywords to keep as I start my research and which ones to delete. I've got hundreds that seem related to my niche, but I'm just not sure?

Answer - Click on the play button below to hear my answer to Laura who asked this exact question -

And Al mentioned that he had 1000 keywords in his MKL (which is not hard to do with Brainstormer as you've probably discovered) and he wasn't sure which ones to get rid of.

Here's my answer to him which should also help you to decide which words to keep and which ones to delete for now -

Elena asked "I want to monetize my site quickly. The Action Guide says to build my tier two pages around the most profitable keywords but you say to build my tier two pages around the highest search volume and focus my tier three pages on the high profitability keywords. Could you please explain this further?"

Here's my answer to Elena's question -

Hope these answers help you with this common problem...