Why can't I see my Adsense ads?

Question - Whenever I try to put more than one set of Google Adsense ads on an SBI page, it cancels out the first set of ads.

I'm just pasting in the html code that Google provides. How do I put more than one set of ads on one page?

Answer - I think you'll find that your second (and even third) set of Adsense ads won't show when your page is in preview mode before you build it in Site Central, but if you build the page, everything's normally OK as long as there are enough ads in your niche, which there usually is.

The other thing it could be is that there aren't enough ads to fill the second set on your page.

This can happen in small niche markets where there aren't many advertisers, so unfortunately there isn't much you can do if this is the case.