Why does my Solo Build It site has so much white space on the right hand side?

Question - I was wondering why my Solo Build It site has so much white space on the right hand side. When I look at my site through my browser it is right over on the left hand side with nothing on the right. why is this? 

Answer - Solo Build It sites built with the block by block builder are contained inside a table that limits the size to 728 pixels wide. This is so that people on lower resolution browsers can see your whole page without scrolling across from side to side.

You can set the alignment either left or center inside the look and feel selector, but left often works best because people read from left to right and your site looks fine that way.

You have such a big space because you probably have high resolution monitors, but this space doesn't take away from your reader's experience. 

If you upload your own HTML later on, you can change the site around a bit, or you can align it center now and see if you like that, but you should never make your site go right across the screen because people on wide screen monitors will see a huge wide page of text which is very difficult to read.

For maximum comprehension and readability, sites should always be contained inside a table where the text itself is approximately 650 pixels wide, which is about what Solo Build It has.

They've set this up following lots of research so it's the way you should have your site.