"Do You Feel Like You're Wasting The Best Years Of Your Life Working For Someone Who Just Doesn't Appreciate Your Efforts?"

Does it seem like you just aren't getting ahead no matter how hard you try? Would you like to build a REAL Work from Home Business?


By Rocky Tapscott

You can earn money from home if you follow a simple, proven formula. Thousands of people have decided to quit the Rat Race, work from home and spend their days building financial security for themselves and the ones that they love. Now you can too.

Let me ask you a couple of quick questions -

  • Does it seem like you just aren't getting ahead no matter how hard you try?

  • Does your Boss drive you mad to the point where you just can't stand to go to work any more?

  • Are you totally fed up with the amount of money you currently earn not supporting the lifestyle you want to enjoy?

Then if you are ready to do whatever it takes to earn money at home and create the lifestyle you have dreamed of, then this may be the most important message you have ever read.

If you read through the first half of this page, you will learn a secret that will help you avoid making some very time consuming mistakes and could give you the key to your perfect home based Business.

If you make it to the end of this letter and read the accompanying articles, you will discover a Business system that...(if you choose to use it) will probably change your life and help you earn the kind of money at home you have dreamed about and help you achieve anything you desire.

Stop for a second - ask yourself if you are truly happy with what you are currently achieving in your life...or do you just know you could accomplish so much more? Sure, everyone knows that they could get more success, more fun, more joy out of every day...but how?

If you work for someone else, you odds of achieving anything like your true potential are pretty close to zero.

You know that! That's why you are here, looking for a better way. You know you can earn money at home but you aren't sure where to start.

Well this is where you start!

You are about to learn something so powerful that it will probably keep you awake at night thinking about the possibilities.

If you want to build a profitable Business, it's usually a good idea to take some lessons from the smartest, wealthiest guys around and then copy what they are doing.

Guys like Robert Allen, Mark Victor Hansen, Bill Gates.

A good strategy is to look at how they do Business and simply copy their methods. This can literally save you years of trial and error.

Some of the most successful people on this planet including these three create their wealth by selling information, then they invest the profits wisely in Real Estate.

Pretty simple really. Not rocket science. Just build a Business and buy Real Estate with the profits. Did you get that?

And the best part is that their methods can work for anyone. Even someone who starts their one or two person Business from their home computer part time...you can earn a lot of money from home if you have access to a computer and the Internet and then build a real Business selling Information that other people want.

Whether or not you then follow these money masters and invest your profits in Real Estate is entirely up to you.

Nothing beats earning money from home

You know what I mean...you can be with the kids more often, you don't have to get dressed up every day. You can work when you want to, doing the hours you choose.

And then of course you don't have to get stuck in that damn peak hour traffic every day (twice!), then put up with a boss you don't particularly like, doing stuff you would rather not be doing; stuff that doesn't do anything to really help you get ahead, just keeps you running on the treadmill of the rat race ...yep, there's a lot to be said for working for yourself from home.

Life is too short to spend every day helping someone else achieve their dreams...isn't it time you started working on accomplishing your own?

More and more people are dropping out of the rat race every day for this very reason and deciding to earn money from home by marketing products or services both online and off-line.

Many of them start part-time while they still have a full time job and build their Businesses into extremely profitable enterprises.

For many, it may be the best option they have - you may be a stay-at-home spouse or you may be retired and looking for additional income.

For others, it may be the only option, for example, you may a full time carer for a family member.

And it has even proven to be a excellent (if unexpected) opportunity for hundreds of thousands of people, for example, those who are "downsized" (that's the nice way of saying employment challenged!).

No matter what your circumstances, you can earn money from home if you have the right tools and advice.


This area is full of "get rich quick" schemes, so you have evaluate the opportunities carefully.

Anything that offers great rewards for no-or-low work is a fraud - think about it -- why would they need you if their amazing system is so profitable?

So many of the 'Self Employment Opportunities' ads are just outright scams, or they promote impossible to implement systems that only reward the promoters while you do all the work.

And there are so many Business opportunities advertised that are really no more than buying yourself another boring job.

Many of the lower priced franchises fall into this category as well. Even the larger, more expensive Franchises can't compare with a solid Business where you earn money from home when the lifestyle benefits you gain are taken into account.

Why pay a fortune for a Business system, then spend 16 hours a day supervising a bunch of unmotivated, underachieving employees whose minds are not on the job and who just don't care if your Business makes any money or not?

If you start or buy a Business and you physically have to be there every day for 5 years without a holiday to drive it along and do a lot of the work yourself as well, even if you have employees - sorry, you've just bought yourself a job.

What if I could show you how to bypass all the get rich quick merchants, the scams and B.S. that's out there and build a great Business of your own, starting part time, doing something you love?

A Business that gave you the freedom to leave your job and build real wealth while you work from home around your current job if you need to...would you be interested?

The most profitable, most easily run, highest leverage Businesses in the World are what best selling Author Robert Allen calls Money Tree Businesses.

Wealthy people develop Money Tree Businesses

Every weekend, there are countless adds in Newspapers everywhere offering thousands of Businesses for sale, and yet if we apply the 'Money Tree' formula to all of these listings, 99% of them will be eliminated immediately.

If a Business you are considering doesn't fit the 'Money Tree' formula... keep looking, because it's most likely just another job, even if you are the boss...

So, what is the 'Money Tree' formula?

Well Money Tree breaks down into 9 characteristics that you should always consider before you invest in any Business -

M - Stands for Multiple Streams of Income - Any Money Tree Business must have the potential of generating more than one income stream from the same assets or information. You must strive to get paid several times from different sources for each hour of work that you do.

O - Stands for Outstanding Products or Services - A Money Tree business only offers the best products and services to it's customers - anything less and those customers won't stay very long. The goal of a Money Tree Business is to do the work once and then have the income flow for the rest of your life. By selling only quality goods and services, this is indeed possible.

N - Stands for Nothing Down - A Money Tree Business must be able to be started with very little or no money down. It must be able to expand and grow from the profits it generates - it must not require constant injections of new capital to survive. This rules out all types of franchises and most other Businesses as well.

E - Stands for Employee Resistant - Employees can be a pain. They are dangerous! They can begin to feel like they are entitled to their jobs and when you try to get rid of one...watch out!. The fewer of them you have around, the better. If you want something done that you either can't or don't want to do yourself, you can always hire an independent contractor. Avoid having employees unless it's absolutely necessary.

Y - Stands for Yield - Money Tree Businesses must offer high profit, high yielding income streams. Quality products and services that have stood the test of time and provide ongoing residual income streams without risk are what you are looking for.

T - Stands for Trend and Timing - Starting a small Business against the trend is like swimming against a fast flowing stream. The Internet is the biggest trend that has hit planet earth in the last 200 years. This is one trend you can latch on and ride as far as you want to go.

Running a small Business is hard enough without trying to swing against the flow. Choose a Business that is with the trend. Then it's like floating downstream with the current.

R - Stands for Residual - Residual income means that you get paid over and over again for work you performed once. If you go to work for a day, you usually only get paid once for that work. This is 'Linear Income'. If you don't show up the next day, you probably won't get paid.

A Money Tree Business offers you the opportunity of doing something you love doing once, and then being paid repeatedly for that work into the future by creating Residual Income.

For example -

  • Songwriters, Actors and Authors earn royalties

  • Affiliates get initial and residual commissions on products that have a monthly renewal fee (affiliate marketing is huge on the Internet - for more information on this powerful new sales process, read Michelle and Kim's story at the end of this article)

  • Network marketers get residual commissions from their down line

  • Business owners often get residual profits from marketing to their customer lists

  • Sales people get renewal and trailing commissions for products and services that have a monthly or yearly billing cycle

  • Marketing consultants get an ongoing percentage of gross revenue

  • Real Estate owners get rental income and future capital gains if they invest wisely

Did you notice that all of these professional people have the ability to earn money from home?

Most of them don't have to go into an office and punch a time clock - they have true home based Businesses where they set the agenda and work when and where they want to.

Compare what these people do each day to Businesses such as carpet cleaning, home maintenance, dog washing, book-keeping, plumbing and all types of service Businesses, retail and wholesale stores. These types of Business ventures in 95% of cases produce 'Linear' Income. You only get paid once for every hour that you work, every dog that you wash, or every leaking toilet that you fix...

This is not much better than working for a boss, although there are of course some significant taxation advantages to being self employed. But why not build income streams that are residual? Yes it does take a little longer, but the rewards are definitely worth it in the long run.

Please never fall into the trap that the majority of home based Business owners find themselves in - working for linear income every day and never getting out of the rat race, and not really understanding why. If you are going to earn money from home, then work out how you can earn Residual Income.

Shortly we'll look at how to create a Business that has both linear and residual income and how to maximize the latter.

Now, back to the formula -

E - Stands for Everybody, Every Day - Ideally, the product or service you sell should be needed by as many people as possible, every single day. It should be essential, or as close as possible to essential, to a large and highly motivated segment of society who have the ability to pay for what you offer.

The more people that need what you sell and the more often they need it, the more successful your Business will become.

E - Stands for Enthusiasm - You really have to love what you do. If you hate what you are doing, you'll never put in the effort required to make it really successful. You can probably make a few dollars selling something you aren't really passionate about, but it will be a hard slog all the way.

Do what you love and the money will follow

What you will learn here is a way that you can start a Money Tree Business of your own, slowly at first, then build it into something that will take you wherever you want to go.

One of the best ways you can build a Money Tree Business is to build a website focused on a niche market that you are passionate and knowledgeable about.

For example, say you love classic cars - you eat, sleep and breath classic cars. You could build a website filled with great articles about your favourite classic's. If you are interested in it, chances are pretty good that there are plenty of other people who are too and would love to read your information.

Then you sell these visitors products or services related to your shared area of interest. If you aren't sure how to do that just yet, you will find out shortly.

What about quilting, horses, quantum physics (yeah, well OK, maybe not), real estate investing, Stock trading? Whatever you are passionate about, you can find a niche market and sell related products to those people interested in the same subject that you are.

Look for small, highly focused Niches

Of course, the more specialized the niche, the lower the number of people who will be interested in what you offer, but you probably have a hobby or interest, some insider knowledge or a special skill, that many people would pay you well to learn about.

And the smaller the market niche, the more you can charge for your information, with less competition.

Think about it.

What could you write about passionately, knowing that by writing it down once, many people would read your words and some of them would send you money?

Make sure it's something you love, then it won't seem like work when you are writing about it. Would you like to earn money from home every day by simply writing about something that you loved doing? Doesn't that beat what you are doing now?

Do you wish your favourite ball game was over more quickly? Do you wish the Formula One cars only had to cover 5 laps in each race? No, of course not, because you love these activities and just want to do more of them.

It's the same when you build a Business around something you love - something magical happens to your enthusiasm and drive - you can work harder for longer when you are passionate about what you are doing.

So if you are going to start a Business, start one doing something you love - something that you would do for free if your income needs were met from some other source. Don't buy somebody else's problems. If you build a Business around something that you really love doing, your chances of success are greatly improved.

The obstacles that will inevitably crop up as you get going won't seem insurmountable, and you will stay a lot happier for much longer than if you just go in there to make a few dollars.

It's possible to work from home and earn money doing something that you don't really like, but if you hate what you are doing, what is the point?

And as for buying yourself a job...well, we've already dismissed that as an alternative, haven't we?

Now your new Business is probably not going to make you rich in a couple of weeks, contrary to what some of the scam artists in the 'net will tell you, nothing worthwhile is ever that easy, but you can do it if you really want it to happen...

You will have probably seen the ads like these yourself -

  • Earn $8000 a month stuffing envelopes (man you would have to stuff a lot of envelopes to earn that sort of money from home)

  • Earn $5000 per week part time, just copy this website, promote it to others, and get paid forever (Yeah, right, so if it's so good, why do they need you?)

  • Earn an average of $2548.31 from home every week with your own turnkey Internet Business - no experience necessary, no risk, guaranteed profits (please, you've gotta be kidding, any real Business takes work)

These ads are typical of the rubbish that you see popping up in the search engines daily. You've probably seen a few of them yourself - search terms such as work at home, work from home and earn money at home are highly competitive.

Google and the others do their best to filter out this rubbish, but they are fighting a losing battle. You have to watch out for yourself, because nobody else is going to.

The World is full of crooks just lining up to take the money of people who are looking for the holy grail - Free, easy money. Hit send and your bank account swells. If only...

And the Internet has helped these guys and gals to rake in untold millions from unsuspecting and gullible, starry eyed punters who believed the hype and didn't check the truth behind the stories.

Yes it is entirely possible to earn money from home by building a website and selling products and services to a potential market of over 100 million people.

It isn't as easy as some of the get rich quick guys will make out, but it is possible to earn a great deal of money from home if you build a website and promote it correctly.

Sounds great, but how do I build a website?

You are probably thinking, well that sounds all fine and dandy, but how on earth do I build a website to get this thing started?

Well your current Internet Service Provider (ISP) will probably give you some free space to build a basic website, but if you are serious you will really need to have your own domain name.

For example, if you use your ISP's service, your visitors will have to type in a domain name like www.yourispsdomain.com/freesite/cgi/?afid2100/yourwebpage.html or something weird like that.

If you have your own domain name, it will be more like www.yourdomain.com which looks far more professional to anyone visiting your website and is much easier for people to remember.

You can find services to host your domain name anywhere on the Internet. There are thousands of them - some good, some not so good. Hosting has become a commodity these days and there are thousands of different Businesses offering it.

Usually, the final decision for most people new to the Internet comes down to price. The biggest problem most people discover too late is that you get what you pay for.

I have heard horror stories of people building extremely profitable Internet Businesses, only to find that the Company hosting their website couldn't keep up with their success.

Visitors were receiving error messages constantly as the hosts servers tried to keep up, and in some cases large databases of clients have been lost or stolen by unscrupulous operators. Any Business owner know that his or her database is often their most valuable asset. To lose it is often fatal...

You don't want to go there. Please don't look for the cheapest price when it comes to hosting. You don't need all the bells and whistles, but you do need reliability.

A better value way to go may be to choose a premium service like Push Button Publishing, who offer a comprehensive range of additional services in addition to providing you with a fully hosted website including autoresponders for customer follow-up and the ability to create and send a Newsletter to your customer list. This option is certainly worth considering.

Another option is to use one of the all in one website builders like Solo Build It!

There are of course many others. After doing lots of research, many 'net marketers and webmasters are choosing Solo Build It! because so many other people are enjoying great success in building sites that not only look good, but that are getting lots of visitors and turning them into customers.

There is so much hype on the 'net that you have to be so careful in who you deal with. I found Ken Evoy and the team at Sitesell.com have lived up to everything they said they would and have over-delivered on their promise with Solo Build It!

Take the time to do your own research on the best option for you. If you understand how to write html code and all the technical stuff required to build a website, then Push Button Publishing will be ideal.

If you aren't comfortable with all of that technical stuff, then Solo Build It! is probably the best bet.

Which ever way you decide to go in your quest to earn money from home, it will pay you to follow the CTPM process outlined on Ken's Solo Build It! website to build great content that attracts targeted visitors free from the search engines.

It does take some work and the free search engine traffic takes several weeks to start coming in any great numbers, but if you do put the effort into building something real, a website makes working from home a profitable, valid alternative to working for someone else and hating every minute of it.

In a nutshell...

1) Your site attracts targeted, interested visitors free from the search engines

2) Your articles and great content PREsell your visitors through high-value information

3) Your site converts visitors into buyers, whether you are...

  • a working dad who just loves fishing and wants to tell the world how to catch the big ones

  • a mom caring for an elderly relative who knows a thing or two about looking after people in the home and you want to share what you have learned

  • a professional selling a service - a Real Estate Agent, Life Insurance Broker, Financial Planner, etc.

  • a work at home couple who plan parties, functions and weddings for local people

  • an information publisher - you can earn income by creating your own products, selling other peoples products and services, placing AdSense ads on your pages, doing joint ventures and receiving referral or finder fees, plus much more

  • selling a service to local or global clientele - things like Carpet Cleaning, Lawn Mowing, Plumbing, Web Design and Copywriting Services, etc.

  • offering just about any other product or service, no matter whether it's digital or a hard good (or as some Internet marketers call them, large, lumpy objects ;-)

Whatever you want to achieve, a website that attracts targeted visitors who spend their money on their way through will make it that much easier.

And many people have found that by using a product like Solo Build It! or Website Wizard they can forget about how the software works and just get on with building their web Business.

They earn money from home and create the lifestyle they dreamed of because they followed a proven process.

The CTPM process outlined in the article mentioned above written by Ken Evoy (Click Here to read it now) is so powerful because it reveals exactly how people actually use the Internet. Then it takes you through the steps required to build a real online Business.

The opportunities on the Internet are truly limitless

As you read the articles that follow, please do a self-inventory...

  • What do you do or know really well? Are you, or could you become, an expert in something?

  • Do you know of an expert who is vastly under promoted, whom you could joint venture with and market his or her products or services?

  • Do you have a hobby or past-time that you would love to turn into a full time or part time Money Tree Business?

  • What do you love doing with your spare time? Could you turn this into a Money Tree and earn money from home?

  • What would you do for free if you had multiple streams of income from several Money Tree Businesses to support you?

Stop - think about these questions right now. Ask yourself, "Do I want to keep doing what I am doing? Am I making the most of this one life I have been given, or do I want to do more, be more, have more?"

Now close your eyes and imagine your life in 5 years time.

Where will you live? What car will you drive?

What will you do with your days now that you don't have to work your tail off for someone else any more?

How good does it feel?

Smell the aromas of your favourite restaurant, the crisp sea air, your secluded mountain cabin.

Won't it be nice?

Now, imagine what your life will be like if you do nothing...

Will you still be working in the same dead end job (or one just like it)? Will you be unhappy with your life? Will you feel like a failure because you didn't take action and start to build a Business, maybe part time at first, and earn money from home for yourself now?

Did you spend your most precious asset, your time, working towards fulfilling somebody else's dream?

Why did you do that?

Decide on a theme or niche for your new online Business...Then just get started!

Don't waste another day of this precious thing called live doing something that you hate.

When your eulogy is read at your funeral, do you want your friend to talk about the achievements you accomplished because you had the time freedom to do what you wanted to do with your life, or the fact that you worked for a lifetime for someone else and never had time to do anything else.

Something magical happens when you start a project with passion and desire. It's as if the Universe takes a personal interest in your achievements and gives you a helping hand. So start today...you never really know how long you've got.

How Do I Find Profitable Niches?

There are an infinite number of Niches just waiting to be exploited. If you have Solo Build It!, it can help you find them.

Here are a couple of examples I have recently discovered while using the Solo Build It! Brainstorming Tool -

  • Stop smoking - there is a huge demand for information on this topic and many highly profitable keywords

  • Gardening Tips - another huge market with thousands of smaller Niches

  • Building romantic relationships - I might just do this one myself ;-) because there is massive interest

  • UFO's - man this one would be profitable because of the huge public interest with very little competition

  • Wedding Planning - people spend millions of dollars annually on their bid day, and they buy all sorts of stuff online to make it special. The opportunities to earn money from home here are enormous

These are just 5 quick ideas for you to take a look at - there are millions of others. All you need is one that you are personally passionate about, and you can start to build your Money Tree Business with multiple streams of income on the Internet.

There has never been a better time to get into Business for yourself and earn money from home doing something that you are passionate about, build a Money Tree Business that will give you and those you love financial freedom...and ultimately allow you the time freedom to do whatever it is that you were born to do with your life.

OK, now it's time to read a hypothetical case study to show you how your new online Business might unfold.

In this story, Michelle and her daughter Kim achieved their dream of earning money from home doing something they really loved, and created a Money Tree Web Business. To read their story, please Click Here.

If you want to skip straight to an article that shows you exactly what you can do to turn the skills you possess or the information you have inside your head into a successful Business, Click Here.

If you would like more ideas of how you can apply the Money Tree Formula to your specific Business or idea, or would like talk about anything in this article or on building your Business, please email me by using our Contact Form, or call me within Australia on 07 55432004 or International 617 55432004. I would love to hear from you.

Thankyou for reading this far. You should be congratulated...most people are looking for instant riches and can't read more than a few lines before they click away to something that promises faster, easier money. They want to earn money from home but they aren't prepared to work from home.

Unfortunately, if it were that easy, why would the promoters of the Get Rich Quick programs need you? Why wouldn't they just keep their amazing secret Business opportunity to themselves and make a fortune? Why would they share it with anyone else?

By reading this entire Report, you have proven that you are one of the top 5% of the population who are prepared to do what it takes to succeed.

You're not after a Get Rich Quick solution because you understand that they are all B.S. and the only people who make any money out of them are the promoters.

Now it's time for you to take action

Please read the articles above now by following the links, then just go ahead and build a web Business focused on a niche market that you know and love.

You will be amazed at the rush you get when you make your first sale from your own website or receive your first affiliate check for selling someone else's product, even though you have no storefront, no employees and very little overhead.

But you have to set it all up correctly right from the start. The articles above will show you how to do that quickly and effectively.

Please let me know how you go if you do decide to build a Money Tree Web Business. I would love to hear from you.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this Report.

And while you're here, I'd like to offer you a copy of my very popular 39 Days eBook, where I take you step by step through the process I used to build a profitable SBI Website in just 39 days. It's valued at $29.97, but it's my 'Getting To Know You' free gift to you.

I'll also send you my three part How To Set Up Your SBI Website To Run On Autopilot So You Can Work Less And Earn More mini course, in which I'll share the three biggest mistakes I see SBI'ers making with their websites and how you can avoid them.

Many people leave a vast amount of money on the table by not paying attention to these three fundamentals. I see it all the time in my work as a Solo Build It! Certified Webmaster, and you'll never make these mistakes once you know about them.

Here's what one reader said...

Thanks for your email and for part 2 of the mini course.

After searching the web for a few months and seeing a lot of "get rich quick" page generators and portal generators, I have quickly realized that Solo Build It, is for real.

I was looking at buying various software packages and putting them all together to build a first class site, but I finally realized, there is no "get rich quick" scheme that works, and a little hard work to get my website up and running will be well worth it in the long run.

Thanks for your help and for all of your support.

Donna Price

And another...

The ebook is really great. There is so much junk out there about internet marketing, I really did not think I was going to find anything online that was actually useful, so thanks.

Susanne Runion


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There is a fortune waiting on the Internet for anyone who wants to earn money from home and has the will and persistence to go out and grab it (As Ken Evoy calls it, BAM - Brain and motivation).

Now it's up to you...

I sincerely hope this article has given you some ideas on how you can build a Money Tree Business of your own from home. Don't fall in to the trap of simply buying yourself a job...it's just not worth it.

And remember, please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments.


Former SBI Certified Webmaster

P.S. If you really feel like you're wasting the best years of your life working for someone who just doesn't appreciate your efforts, here's what NOT to do next...

Most of the people who read this article will do absolutely NOTHING with the information on it. They'll think to themselves, "Yeah, that's a great idea, but maybe some other time, when I'm more ready for it - my job's not really that bad..."

Consequently, they will be no better off tomorrow than they are today.


P.P.S. If you've made the decision to succeed, Click Here to read an article about selling Information as a Business that may just change your life.

Or click Here to read about how Michelle and Kim built a Business doing something they loved. Then, simply follow their example for yourself...

Think where you will be in 5 years time if you decide to build your own online Business starting now. Then think of what your life will be like if you keep doing what you are doing now.

And if you need a hand, email me at Rocky @ HobbyAndLifestyle.com and I'll certainly help if I can.

Now is the time for you to take action and earn money from home doing something you love that excites you...thousands of others are doing it, why not you?

Do you have any SBI questions? Click Here and we'll be glad to answer them

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