Worried about duplicate content? You should be...

Question - Can I use the same content on my site as the articles I submit to places like Ezinearticles.com or should I create different articles for each?

Answer - For best results you should have completely original content on your Solo Build It site because otherwise it can drag your search engine rankings down. 

For example, say you have the same article on Ezinearticles.com, your Solo Build It site and your original site. 

The article on Ezinearticles will tend to rank the highest in Google because they are seen as an 'authority' site. Your other pages will possibly never get found in the search engines because they will be de-ranked for having duplicate content. 

The 'authority site' gets the gong, while all those nasty 'duplicates' get ranked much lower if at all.

Yes it's nice to have your Ezinearticles article ranking well, but people still have to click through to your site, which doesn't happen as much as we would like and it's totally out of our control.

Plus if somebody does find your article there, it's surrounded by the owner's Google Adsense ads which is another major distraction to your message and another reason why people might not follow your resource box link at the end.

Google has the power to check content on a sentence by sentence basis (not saying that they check EVERY article but you have to assume that they will eventually find some of yours that are identical) so you should really take the time to create original content for your Solo Build It site and make it different to anything you have on the article sites.