How do I put the Yahoo Site Search Box on my website?

Question - I'd like to put the Yahoo Site Search Box on my website so my visitors can find things more easily. How do I do that?

Answer - It's a fairly simple job to add the Yahoo Site Search Box to your site. Watch the video below for a step by step tutorial -

Next, You'll find complete instructions and everything you need to get started here.

Or, if the video above isn't clear enough on your screen, you can watch the original here. (Opens in a new window. Please give the video a few moments to load).

Important Note - Remember, by adding a free Yahoo search box to your site instead of using a paid one, you will be showing Yahoo ads on the pages that open up with the results, and you won't get paid for the clicks, so I recommend you think carefully about doing this on your site.

At least if you use the Google Search Box you'll earn money from the clicks.

You could be throwing away revenue in addition to helping people find stuff on your site. Just a thought...

Hope this helps,