Would You Like To Earn
Residual Income Simply By Giving
Away A Free Ebook?

If this doesn't get you excited, nothing will...

Several Sitesell affiliates on my team are already making sales of Solo Build It and other Sitesell products, and some of them have asked me how they can promote SBI more effectively to increase their commissions.

Now I have the solution for you if you are interested in earning residual income by simply giving away a free ebook and several other free reports from your website or emailing them to friends and associates.

Here's what it's all about...

Since I started selling SBI seriously, I've discovered several key points that differentiate the top 5% of Sitesell affiliates from the rest of the pack which I'd like to share with you -

  • Because of the competition, it takes a lot of work to sell even 1 SBI a month, even though it's a terrific product

  • Using case studies and giving powerful examples of how other people have created successful SBI sites encourages many more people to give SBI a try than just trying to sell the product straight up via the sales pages

  • It can be difficult to get people to visit the Sitesell Case Studies sites; they seem to prefer the information coming to them in an easily readable format. Plus, once they are on the web, they tend to get sidetracked and go off looking at other things if they don't have clear directions to follow

  • The market for business opportunities, affiliate marketing and website building is saturated with Sitesell affiliates and it's very difficult to make any headway there. You have to target untapped niche markets where nobody is actively promoting SBI if you want to do well

  • Over 70% of American people surveyed recently said they were thinking about starting a business of some sort and all they need is the right idea and they will run with it (there's probably a similar number in other countries as well)

  • Before I offered real, tangible bonuses that I had created myself in a package with SBI (as opposed to the reprint rights rubbish that everyone else tries to get away with) it was hard work to sell many due to the massive competition. Now it's become much easier...

With these points in mind, I've created an automated, sequential marketing system for promoting Solo Build It to untapped niche markets and I'd like to offer you first crack at using it in whichever markets you choose.

Here's how it works –

I've written a 27 page ebook based on the theme of Profiting From Your Hobby which contains links to 4 of what I feel are some of the best Sitesell Case Studies, PLUS affiliate links to most of the Sitesell sales and information pages.

These affiliate links can be re-branded with YOUR affiliate link with a simple tool that I will give you, meaning you will earn referral fees from every sale made through one of the links in the ebook you promote from your website.

I've also created -

  • An exclusive bonus package that your readers are entitled to receive when they purchase through your affiliate link. This bonus package cannot be found anywhere except through our team (you are welcome to add your own bonuses to this package if you choose and this would be a great way of getting additional traffic to your website and adding value for everyone on the team)

  • A private members' site which includes a series of follow up email messages to people who don’t buy on their first time through the system. This follow-up series will encourage these people to investigate Sitesell’s products further by continually referring them back to the Sitesell site and will ultimately produce more SBI sales for you

  • A ‘NameSqueeze’ page for you to upload to your SBI site so people can opt in to download your copy of the ebook from your website. I’ll show you how to capture their names and email addresses so you can also follow up with them by email to maximize your sales

  • A tutorial that will show you how to get joint venture partners to promote your ebook for you, giving you massive leverage and potentially lots of second tier commissions :-)

  • An ebook containing a step by step system that shows you exactly how to re-brand the book with your affiliate link, how to upload the re-branded ebook to your SBI site, and how to distribute it to as many people as possible. If you have trouble with any of this, I'll re-brand the ebook and upload everything for you if you're quick...

  • You’ll have personal access to me via Skype (we'll set an appointment  time so we're both around) where you can ask me any questions you like about what we are doing with this promotion, get ideas on how to increase your number of SBI sales, as well as questions you may have about your own SBI website

At this stage, I am looking for just 5 people to help me put the system through its paces, fine tune it, and help me make it fly.

I'll then share it with others on my team who would like to use it as well, but the first 5 will have the best opportunity to target the niche markets of their choice.

First up, if you would like to be one of the first 5 people on board, please let me know right now by filling in this form. I'll share this system with you for free and help you implement it as long as you're serious about giving it an honest try. 

If you're not going to work at it or if your current commitments take up all of your time, please don't apply.

Important Note - Please don't use AOL, Yahoo or MSN addresses for this list. These services often don't let my messages through and this is something you'll want to keep up to date with.

Yes Rocky! Please Send Me All The Details...
Primary Email Address:
First Name:

It’s first come, first served, and as soon as I have 5 people on the team, I’ll have to put a hold on it until a little later on until we have some results in.

Who am I looking for?

  • If you would like to earn $75 up-front referral fees every time somebody buys SBI through your affiliate link (and $60 residual referral fees each year after that for as long as your buyer's website remains active) using a system that automates 90% of the work for you once it’s set up…

  • If you are serious about building an ongoing stream of passive income while promoting a world's best product…

  • If you would like me to help you build a business within a business and add this extra stream of income to your current website…

  • If you are happy for me to use your story as a participant in this project in my marketing (with a link from your story back to your website which could give you lots of traffic)

  • And if you are prepared to put in a few hours and a few dollars in advertising expenses each week promoting the ebook online...

...please let me know

I can’t guarantee you that you’ll make a dime out of this, I honestly don’t know what will happen...

But everything I’ve seen and learned makes me feel that it should be a winner. Plus, you'll learn the system I used to put this together and you can then turn around and use it for your own products in your own market.

Are you ready to give it a go?

Let me know immediately by putting your name and email address into the form above and hitting the 'Send Me All The Details' button, and as soon as I've put the finishing touches on the system, I'll send you everything you need to get started.

And if this is not for you right now, that's fine. Thankyou for taking the time to read this message.

Wishing you every success,


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