At Last, An Effective Alternative
To Google Adsense For Website Monetization...

If you are currently using Google Adsense to monetize your website, there's now an alternative you should be testing to see if it's a more profitable way of generating revenue on your website.

Chitika MiniMalls now offers another simple, realistic way of quickly and easily placing highly targeted, in-context ads on your web pages without needing any technical skill or spending hours finding just the right merchants' products and services yourself.

Unfortunately not every website will be accepted into the Chitika program but as long as you have a quality site you should be OK. 

Chitika management appear to be trying to keep the quality of the sites they accept to a very high standard, probably to try and stamp out problems Google had with having their ads displayed on billions of low quality Traffic Equalizer and Directory Generator created pages.

Many of those sites have been taken out of the search databases now, but I'm sure nobody, least of all advertises, wants a repeat of that debacle.

I've placed the Chitika ads on several pages on my Hobby and Lifestyle site, and while it's too early to tell how they will compare with Google Adsense, initial results are quite promising.

I'll bring you an updated report in a few months time when the results are in...

To learn more about Chitika and to check to see if your site will qualify, visit Chitika MiniMalls.

I'd love to hear about your Chitika experience so I can share it with others.