Find Your Own 'Expert' And Let Site
Build It Work It's Magic...

I was chatting with my joint venture partner Sam yesterday when it finally dawned on both of us simultaneously...we had created a business out of nothing but an idea and it was about to take off...

It's a very exciting time and the new year looks bright with the plans we have for marketing Sam's professional coaching service to the thousands of futures traders who are sick of reading useless technical analysis books, watching DVD's on 'trading tactics' which only give them half the story, doing motivational exercises and quoting self-help mantras...but who still can't trade to save themselves!

We've put this thing together from scratch in 6 weeks - Sam is an expert in his specialized field and loves coaching people to trade better.

I know how the 'net works and will be doing the marketing to bring leads into our marketing system. Together we will convert these leads into clients and we split the profits.

Without each other this thing would never have happened. But together our strengths are multiplied and a business was born...

As we approach the final days of 2006, have you taken a moment lately to think about where your life and business are heading?

Imagine if you could build something from scratch, give birth to an idea, and watch it grow into a profitable enterprise right before your eyes?

"But you aren't an expert in anything" I hear you say.

That's fine, just go out and find someone who is. 

Create a Joint Venture between the two of you, build a marketing system around that business, and split the profits.

Sure it takes work and commitment. And the right partner might not be the first person you team up with.

But if you don't give up, eventually you'll find that perfect partner, the one who will carry your dreams to the highest level of success.

Solo Build It gives you the tools and system to build websites that work. As for the marketing system, visit Lesson 50 and study what I share there to learn what you need to know.

If you have an idea in mind for a JV you could do with an expert you know and respect, put the deal together, grab another SBI package and build yourself a new business in 2007.

Watch what we're doing over at and model this for your new Joint Venture.

Sure we will still slip and stumble, but that's part of the journey.

Want another example?

I have a friend who has worked with two other people he met at a seminar last year who has had a new product created which will be distributed through Office Works stores (a big stationary store chain here in Australia) starting in January.

Without the three of them working together through all the roadblocks and problems, this would never have happened. Now they stand to make hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of dollars as they create new, related products for the small business market.

And marketing is the key to your success. For more in-depth marketing information, visit, and

These three people more than anyone else have mentored and coached me through their books, websites and email messages to be able to sit here and tell you that if you learn to market, sell and promote products and services, a whole new world of opportunity will open up to you.

And teach your kids to market and sell things and they'll never go hungry. 

No, the education hasn't been free or painless. I've had public failures that have been embarrassing and made me question what I was trying to do. But after serving my 'apprenticeship' I now know how to sell stuff. There's always more to learn, but that's the paradox of knowledge.

The more you learn about something, the more you realize there is to know. You can never know it all; there's a vast ocean of information available on every conceivable topic that you'll never be able to learn and understand.

Some people never take action because 'they don't know enough'. They are scared to do anything in case they make a mistake. They are perpetual students...

Lean in closely now because what I want to say is important... 

You will never know enough!

But successful people have the courage to take action, knowing that they don't know enough...

Sure you scrape knees and get bruises as you try and fail...maybe a LOT of them. But the rewards of success are worth it once you get past all that.

I wish unlimited success for you as 2006 draws to a close and a new year dawns brightly with potential. 

I wish for all of your dreams to be fulfilled.

And I wish you a wonderful holiday season.

I won't be around much until January, so if you email me, I probably won't get back to you for a little while :-)

Until next year, take care and best wishes,

Warmest regards,

P.S. I know I'm supposed to say something profound here, but all I'd like to say is thank you for being part of my online family :-)