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Solo Build It Mastery Coaching Lesson 50 - How To Dominate Your Niche and Crush Your Competition

Hello again and welcome to Lesson 50 of the Solo Build It Mastery Coaching Program.

You know, if you are serious about building a 'real' business around your hobby, skill, pastime or a place you love, the best position to be in is to be the dominant player.


  • You become the authority in your market and people will refer others to you

  • You can charge more than everyone else because you are seen as THE problem solver in your market

  • You can pick and choose clients without ever worrying about your lead flow slowing down

  • You can transform yourself from being an intruding, merely surviving wannabe into a marketing machine that creates long term wealth for yourself and your family

To do this, you need a Marketing System to generate a constant flow of new prospects into your business.

What's the difference between Marketing and a Marketing System?

Well, marketing is running an ad or promotion. 

A Marketing System is a pre-programmed, sequential series of messages in various forms of media designed to consistently attract the largest possible number of people into your sales process. The goal of your marketing system is to then turn as many of these people as possible into customers for life.

Here are the steps you can take to create a Marketing System to quickly turn yourself into the 'Go-To' guy or gal in your niche and ultimately dominate your competition...

1 - Start referring to yourself as an expert and choose a compelling title for yourself. 

Instead of Senior Loan Adviser, become The Dream Car Finance Expert or The Prestige Car Finance Expert.

There are thousands of loan advisers out there all struggling to make ends meet. 

By branding yourself as The Dream Car Finance Expert or The Prestige Car Finance Expert, you start to brand yourself and create a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) for yourself and you become unique.

By differentiating yourself, you can charge more, create exclusivity and build a brand that people can recognize and associate with.

The language you use is VERY important. 

Simply by using a title such as The Dream Car Finance Expert or The Prestige Car Finance Expert you move from prospecting for leads to positioning yourself as the leader in your part of the market.

2 - Create a SYSTEM out of your products and knowledge. 

Instead of you offering an ad hoc group of products and ideas, create a system that people can follow to achieve consistent results.

Our car finance expert could offer The Dream Car Purchase System which again differentiates him from everyone else in the market.

The Action Guide is a system of tools, information and resources for building a profitable online business. 

The Solo Build It Mastery Coaching Program is a system for SBI owners to take their web businesses to the next level.

The Profit From Your Hobby System is a system which shows people how to turn their favorite hobby, skill or pastime into a profitable business using Solo Build It.

Having a system differentiates you from everyone else because nobody else can offer exactly the same thing in the same way. And being first in any market gives you a huge advantage that others will struggle to overcome.

3 - Identify your perfect target market.

You cannot be all things to all people - you simply must decide who your perfect customers are and focus all of your marketing and lead generation efforts on attracting only those people.

By zeroing in on one tight niche (as Perry Marshall has done, see lesson 38) you become a recognized expert in that one small area of business and build a brand for yourself.

Once you 'own' that market, you can expand out into other areas of the niche like Perry has done and get known as an expert in those as well.

4 - Build a direct response marketing system precisely matched to the needs of your perfect target market.

Once you define and narrow down your perfect target market, you have to create a marketing message that speaks and appeals directly and ONLY to them.

You don't want to speak to everyone in the world, just to those passionate people in your little corner of if.

Do some research to find their hot buttons, work out what keeps them awake at night, and provide systemized solutions to your prospects' problems.

5 - Use multiple media to contact, attract and build relationships with your perfect prospects.

Most online business owners make the fatal mistake of only advertising online and expect to do all of their communication by email.

'Real' business owners use multiple media to promote their businesses both online and offline, and you should too.

Not only does this reduce the risk of relying on only one media but it massively increases your market reach, allowing you to attract more qualified prospects into your marketing system.

Work out where your perfect prospects are lurking and use every media at your disposal to find and attract them to you - newspapers, niche magazines, trade journals, online forums and newsgroups, ezine advertising, Google Adwords, direct mail, radio and yes even television if necessary and if it's possible to target just your prospects (e.g.. cable television).

6 -  Drive ALL of your prospects to your lead generation website.

A system for generating leads needs a specific focus, and your website should be it.

By driving everyone to your website which has been set up for one thing -  and that is to capture information - you control every step of the process and can maximize the effectiveness of all your lead generation efforts.

And if you have a business that sells both online and offline, make sure you get as many details as you can - name, address, phone number, email address, etc. 

The more information you have about your prospects and customers the better because you will be able to use it to better serve their needs as you build your relationship with them over time.

7 - Have your prospects enroll to become a Member of your marketing system.

By referring to your prospects as Members you are again positioning yourself differently from everyone else in your field. 

Your relationship with 'members' is much different to that of merchant/client. It's much more intimate and personal - people who belong to a group or club respond differently to offers and sales messages than people who are 'outsiders'.

Use this to your advantage and you'll see measurable results.

8 - Use email, voice and direct mail to stay in constant contact with your prospects and clients.

By having your visitors' contact information you can stay in constant contact with them until they are ready to buy, as well as after the initial sale where you can promote additional products and services to them forever.

Email autoresponders like Aweber are great for this, but you should also use direct mail and telephone follow up to stay in touch with your customers. The more 'touches' you have with your customers each year, the more money you'll make, it's as simple as that.

9 - Develop a referral program so that current clients are continually referring new prospects to you. 

You can reward people who refer others to you with free or discounted products or services, cash, prizes or anything else that is appropriate, just so long as you start to implement at least one (and preferably more than one) lead referral system into your business right away.

It's been proven that people who are referred to a business by somebody they trust are easier to sell to, demand less in the way of discounts and incentives, refund less and are generally much more responsive and loyal than people who are attracted through other forms of marketing.

Bottom Line: Maximize your referred leads by doing everything you possibly can to have current customers introduce new people to your business.

Now here's a treat.

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I really hope this article helps you immensely in building your business and maximizing your online AND offline profits.

Until next time,


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