Solo Build It Mastery Lesson 31 - There's Riches In Niches...

As an experienced SBI'er, you already know that you want to focus on a niche market and create a 'presence' for yourself and your business there. Nothing new here...

But you might not be aware that within your chosen niche, there are countless 'sub-niches' who are ultra targeted, hyper responsive and waiting for you to contact them.

Your tier two and current tier three pages most likely focus on the major generic group in your market, for example, if your site is about dogs you will be creating content around things such as dog beds, dog grooming dog training, etc.

That's fine and you need those topics covered.

But there is an infinite number of alternative sub-niches you can tackle just waiting for you to find them.

This is the true Long tail of your niche.

The small, untapped segments where you could easily dominate with the right keywords and focused content.

Focusing on these niches could lead you to higher fees/prices/margins/affiliate commissions with just a small amount of work - a real high leverage payoff.

What do I mean by sub niches?

Let's take a look. Using the dog website example, you could target -

  • Dog training only for Borzoi's

  • Warm winter coats just for poodles

  • A breeder's registery for American Pit Bulls

  • Jewelry just for German shepherds

  • Dog washing services for apartment dwellers...

  • Dog grooming services only for residents of Manhattan

You get the idea.

To find what your niched down markets are looking for, enter keywords such as the ones above (or related to your niche of course) into Google and put +forum or +discussion group (example - dog training+discussion group) after them.

You'll find themed forums related to your market where you can 'spy' on people as they go about trying to find answers to their problems, and build content to suit.

People will pay more for specialized knowledge and solutions. If you can provide them, you will reap the rewards.

You could find yourself in a 'competition free zone' and end up getting RICH.

You can position ANY generic business or website into a
specific niche market and dominate it.

This instantly elevates you from one of many to expert/specialist status, which can be the trigger to a massive increase in your earnings.

Once you establish yourself as a specialist, you can find other business owners in your related niche who provide services to the people looking for them, and do offline joint ventures (see this article for details on how to do that) where they pay for ad space or on a per-sale basis for the people you send to them.

Big Idea - If you have specialized knowledge in any area related to your site (or could do some study to learn it), then instead of just redirecting people to an affiliate program or selling your information product related to this knowledge (or worse yet, sending them off to an Adsense advertiser for a couple of cents per click), offer to add value by giving personalized coaching or support for an additional fee.

You may make $25 on the ebook, but you could make thousands of dollars a month from the additional coaching or consulting you give people.

The ebook is just a lead generator. You can use Google Adwords to generate traffic to sell the book (visit this page for the only free Adwords mini course worth reading so you don't make a hash of your first campaigns), and have the back-end product be your personal coaching.

Bottom line: Be different, specialize, and reap the rewards...don't be a commodity in an increasingly bland world...

To your ever growing prosperity,