How do I show offline businesses the power of marketing on the web...and get paid for it?

Question - I want to do offline deals where I earn referral fees for generating leads of local businesses. How do I do that?

Answer - You you could you model what Nori has done and set up offline JV deals with people in your niche.

Here's what I've done with this idea...

I threw up this page related to Jimboomba Property (which is where we live) and optimized it exactly like I've shown you in the coaching course.

I've set up a JV deal with a local real estate agent who I trust (there is only one here that I DO trust :-) and she is going to pay me a referral fee for any sales made to people who have enquired through my site.

Now as of today, I haven't actually made any money from this page, but it's only been up for a few weeks and the Jimboomba real estate market isn't exactly smokin.

But for an hour of my time, I stand to earn upwards of $500 from every referral I send my agent friend, and because the page is ranking well, I've had some enquiries, with sales (anc checks) only a matter of time.

Here's my Beaudesert Property page which covers another area near us. I've also had enquires from this form, and it's only a matter of time before it helps me earn a referral commission.

Now remember, these pages are on a hobby site, so it doesn't really matter what your niche, there could be a way you could introduce some sort of property connection and do like I have done. Look at Nori, she's really Kickin Butt with hers.

And while I'm on this tack, there are numerous opportunities for you to monetize your site in other ways offline that you should consider.

Let's look at some examples for the dog market if you owned a dog related website -

  • You could promote people in your local area (or all over your country) who build dog fencing (jimboomba-dog-fencing.html) and get paid a referral fee from every job

  • You could promote the local pet meat delivery guy (jimboomba-pet-foods.html) and get a cut on the first transaction of every meat package he delivers

  • You could promote the thousands of dog trainers, dog psychologists, vets and people who provide the myriad other services dog owners buy and pay for and do referral deals with all of them

  • You could promote franchises (dog washing, dog grooming, dog clipping, dog walking) in your area and earn substantial fees from these referrals

  • You could promote dog breeders (jimboomba-german-shepherd-breaders.html) and receive a referral fee from every puppy sold from your site

In fact, you could offer every one of these service providers a page on your website SPECIFICALLY FOR THEM TO MARKET TO THEIR PROSPECTS

For example, you could approach the local German shepherd breeder and say something like -

"I have this website all about dog training (or whatever) and I'd like to help you to grow your business. Here's the deal...

"When you have a litter of puppies, you probably have to advertise them in the local paper or somewhere else, right?

"What I propose is that you and I create the content for a page for my website where you offer your puppies for sale and also create a database of people who are interested in buying a puppy when one becomes available.

"I'll add the page to my website, set it up so that it has a good chance of getting found in the search engines (no guarantees, of course), and I'll also help you to market your puppies in other ways as well.

"The goal would be for you to have people waiting for each litter of puppies before they arrive, saving you from ever having to advertise in the paper again, how does that sound?

"I'll also help you to build a database of interested prospects who you can contact via email and phone whenever you have a new litter of pups for sale.

"Plus, you could offer this list of people other services such as training (supplied by others), weekly dog food deliveries (supplied by others), etc. and build up additional streams of income over time.

"All in all, you could build up a very profitable business by adding more services to what you offer and taking a referral fee from the vendors for setting up the deals.

"How does that sound Mr. Breeder?

"In return for me setting this service up for you, all I ask is $15 (or $10 or $25, whatever you feel comfortable with) a week to cover the expenses I'll incur in hosting the website, adding the page, changing things around occasionally, and sending you the enquiries from the website, etc.

"Can you see the benefit in having people waiting for each litter of puppies and not ever having to chase sales again?

"Plus, wouldn't it be comforting knowing you could earn additional streams of income from referring people to other merchants without you ever having to supply the service?

"What if this could generate another really impressive income for you so you had more time to do the things that you love doing instead of what you have to do?

"What I recommended is that we test it and give it a try for say 6 months. During that time you should mention that you have a website to everyone you meet and try to get as many people onto your database as possible.

"Then you can follow up with them regularly giving them tips, news and other dog related info plus make them offers of various products and services from local vendors.

"By the time you have a litter of puppies to sell, you could have paid for your entire year's website expenses already..."

...That's the sort of thing I'd be doing if I had a dog (or ANY niche, it doesn't matter) website and wanted to really ramp it up - go offline - because nobody's doing it yet!

How do you set this up?


Use Form Build It to create a form and then whenever somebody contacts them to join the database, you get a copy of the email yourself (you just include yourself in the CC section of the Form). That way you know that people are using the form and you can monitor it.

Your breeder friend is responsible for creating their own database using the information they get from the form, following up, and making offers.

They can use their Outlook email program or you could send them to something like Aweber if they wanted to automate it a little more.

You can give them their own domain name by registering a new domain of their choice using Name Park It and then redirecting it to the exact page their offer is on.

This will cost you 10 bucks, but if you charge $15 a week or more for this service you will be well ahead over time.

Anyone in business who can get access to the web for $15 a week is mad not to try it, especially if you make it a no-brainer for them. Here's how...

What I would do is offer them a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

I would say something like, "Yeah, I know your skeptical, so let me make it an easy decision for you.

"Let's put this together as a trial so we can see if it works for both of us. I'll create the page and set everything up, you tell me what you want to say, and I'll get it up there on the Internet.

"Let's give it 6 months, during which time you pay me $60 per month through Paypal. You promote your website URL to everyone you know and meet to start building your database and make the people on your list offers for various products and services. Plus whenever you have puppies to sell, you have a group of potential customers waiting to hear from you.

"If at the end of 6 months, you don't feel that it has been totally worth doing this, I'll refund 100% of your money, thank you for giving it a try, take down the page we created, and we'll call it quits.

"How does that sound Mr. Breeder?"

Can you see how powerful this can be?

Most business people have to spend money marketing anyway and they have no idea if it's actually working or not.

By giving them a chance to use the Internet on a trial basis like this, you give them another avenue to market their products and services.

Plus they'll know from the forms coming through to them that people are finding them from your website. This way they can track the response.

You could also do this with the dog wash people, the fencing guys in your state, the pet food people...all of them are potential prospects for your personal web page service.

You can make this sort of offer because you will only be investing 10 bucks in a domain name and a couple of hours of your time. You stand to make $60 a month ($720 a year) for every person you do this with.

Of course it won't work for everyone and you'll have to give some refunds, but if you set this up right, teach your clients how to use their list to generate sales, tell them about affiliate marketing, and coach and guide them, they will increase their profits and would have to be nuts to bail out on you.

To take payments, you can now set up Paypal to accept monthly direct debits from your client's account straight into your own Paypal account. Very convenient.

Now just imagine what could happen if you diligently worked this one strategy hard for a few months and you woke up one day with 100 extra pages on your website bringing in $720 a year in virtually passive income once it's set up and in place. That's $72,000 a year...

What if you could find 250 merchants who you could offer this sort of deal to? That would be $180,000 a year from your little Solo Build It website!

Sure beats Adsense...

But what if my site isn't about dogs?

It really doesn't matter what niche market you are in, you can model this system or a variation of it for yourself.

Look for merchants who offer products or services to people before, during and after they buy what your main product or niche topic is.

This will open up a whole customer supply chain for you and give you all sorts of alternatives for finding related merchants to approach.

Make them an irresistible offer with a Money Back Guarantee and see what happens.

Will this work for you?

I don't know.

Do I guarantee you'll earn a fortune from this?

No, I can't say if you will make a dime.

But give it a try and see. You could be pleasantly surprised

I sincerely hope this article helps you to kick some serious butt with your Solo Build It website.