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Solo Build It Mastery Lesson 38 - The Perry Marshall Big Bang Theory

This morning I was reading my copy of Perry Marshall's Renaissance Club Newsletter (the guy's a genius, you should subscribe to this, details here) and among the articles there was one that really made me think.

It was about a blog post Perry had read where somebody introduced the idea of "The Perry Marshall Big Bang Theory".

Now this ties in really well with Lesson 31 were we discussed 'niching down' your business into a smaller, less competitive market to increase your profits.

What Perry has done is to basically dominate the market for information on making money with Google Adwords - he has positioned himself as 'the' go-to guy if you want to use Adwords to advertise profitably. If you type the keyword phrase Perry Marshall AdWords into Google, you get 141,000 results. 

Most of these results are from Perry's affiliates promoting his products because they make more money by promoting his stuff that any of the other Adwords products available. He does very little paid marketing now because it all gets done for him...

Bottom Line: Perry has engineered himself into the position of being the preeminent, most well known expert on Google Adwords around, and his affiliates pay to help him spread his reach far and wide across the world.

He originally narrowed down the huge niche of providing 'Internet Marketing Training' to becoming an expert on one small corner of that world - Google Adwords.

Now that his position as 'the' expert of that niche is secure, he is branching out into the broader Internet Marketing arena and becoming known (and getting asked to speak about and comment on) all of the other aspects of Internet Marketing - email marketing, website design and conversion, copywriting, traffic generation, etc.

By becoming a master of one niche and basically dominating it, Perry now has the credibility to expand his influence and massively increase his reach (and therefore his income) by systematically moving out into a larger market.

What can you learn from this?

As we discussed in Lesson 31, if you can first 'niche down' your web business into a smaller area that you can dominate instead of just being one of millions of people trying to get yourself heard, you can become the authority in that small market and ultimately dominate it. It may not even take that long if you find a small enough sub-niche.

Then once you are the go-to guy (or gal :-) in that market, gradually expand your reach into larger and larger parts of that same market and become known as an expert on more than one aspect of what you do.

As Perry said in his newsletter, "If you are an expert on 100 things, nobody will ask you about anything. If you are an expert on 1 thing, they'll ask you about everything."

Action Steps

  • Drill down into your niche market and find a topic two or three levels down that you can become an expert in quickly (if you aren't already)

  • Create a 5 day Mini Course on this topic and cover the main points to show that you know what you are talking about. Offer an affiliate product related to your mini course in each lesson (the same product 5 times, not 5 different products)

  • Follow up with additional articles and product offerings to your list of Mini Course subscribers once the Mini Course is complete

  • Build 5 to 10 keyword focused content pages around this tight niche market. Make the Most Wanted Response of these pages to have people opt in to your Mini Course

  • Write and submit several articles to article directories ( is ideal for this) to start generating both short term and long term traffic - then continue writing and submitting additional articles over time - the compounding effect will help you to generate lots of very targeted, long-term website visitors

  • If you are familiar with the Adwords system (if not, grab Perry's Free Adwords Mini Course Here), create a Google campaign and start driving traffic to a landing page dedicated to capturing your visitor's name and email address

  • Invest some time each week answering questions in your favorite niche forum - become a visible, helpful expert in your niche and cool things happen :-)

  • Once you become well known in your smaller niche, start to grow your business out into parts of the larger niche over time. Eventually you will start to become known as an expert in more than one area and people will seek you out for your opinion

By following this formula you could find yourself being interviewed on your favorite topic, have Joint Venture partners contacting you (this happens to me now) and become famous in your chosen market.

How cool is that?

I really hope this lesson helps you to become a well known expert in your field and opens up many new doors for you and your business.

Live long and prosper,

P.S. And if you want to move on with the next lesson, or review any of the other lessons in this coaching course, you can by visiting this page.