Is getting listed in DMOZ a big deal?

Question - Should I wait for inclusion in DMOZ, I'm ready to monetize my site (it's got 25 pages up) now? I'd like to put some Adsense ads up to start with...

Answer - My advice, if you're ready to monetize, don't wait for DMOZ.

While it's nice to have an incoming link from these directories, it's not that important in the grand scheme of things and you could wait months.

I found for my first site that I waited for 3 months to get in and I received a grand total of 27 visitors over the next 6 months (the site is no longer active...long story).

In the same time I received thousands of visitors from search engines and forum posts (it was about Stock trading) so the listing was a waste of time.

As far as I can tell, neither will accept your site if you have Adwords on there.

If you are going to use Adsense to start, here's a short article I wrote for a later part of the course, but you're ready for it now -

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