Discover How To Earn Residual Income Year After Year By Giving Away The 'Profit From Your Hobby System' Mini Course...

Imagine getting checks year after year from work you did just once. That's the power of residual income.

And what if the only work you had done was give away the Profit From Your Hobby System mini course to other people who were interested in profiting from their hobby like you are...

Now you can.

But that's not all...

Every time you share this mini course with other people, you'll find some of them will share it with their friends and associates as well, creating what's known as a viral effect that will help you spread your reach much further than you thought possible.

I'll explain everything in detail shortly, but for now, here's the big picture...

Step 1 -  Register using the form below and then become a Sitesell affiliate on my team (I'll give you full details on how to do this when you register)

Step 2 - Re-brand the mini course ebooks I'll give you with your very own Sitesell affiliate link (I'll also show you how to do this in a little bit, or I can do it for you).

Step 3 - Email each ebook in the mini course series to your network of friends, clients and business associates. You can do this manually or use automated tools to do it for you, and I'll show you how to set this up for yourself. 

Then every time one of your contacts buys Solo Build It through your affiliate link, you'll earn $75.

Step 4 - Each year when each site's annual subscription fee is renewed (most of them are), you'll earn another $60 (there are some conditions, but they are easily satisfied, more on this later).

Step 5 - Many SBI owners (around 40% of them) buy more than one SBI, some have2, 3 or more Solo Build It packages. 

You get paid a referral fee of $75 for every one of these as well (again, there are some conditions, but they aren't tough and I'll tell you all about them shortly)

Step 6 - When one of the people who purchased Solo Build It through your affiliate link becomes an affiliate as well, you'll make around $18 on every one of their sales as well.

Sound OK so far?

You've probably got some questions about how all this works, and I'll explain everything in detail in the first email I send you once you register your interest in working with me on this.

To register and get all the details, simply put your First Name and your Primary Email Address into the form below, click on the 'Free Instant Access' button and you're set.

Important Note: The reason we ask for your primary email address is that we've found that AOL, Hotmail and some other free email services tend to reject some (or all) of our messages thinking they are spam (which of course they're not).

So please don't use one of these free addresses or you probably won't receive the instructions you need to get started potentially earning residual income using this system :-(

We've found that on most occasions, a Yahoo address is OK if you really have to use a free account, but the others tend to give everyone headaches.

Don't worry, we're not going to spam you, and our only goal is to help you sell as many Solo Build It packages as we can...

OK, here's the registration form...

Yes! Please Send Me Details On How I Can Create Residual Income By Giving Away Your Mini Course

Primary Email Address:
First Name:

Thankyou for registering your interest in becoming a Sitesell affiliate and helping to spread the word about Solo Build It. 

I'll do my absolute best to make sure it has been worth your valuable time.

I'll be in touch shortly...


P.S. Keep an eye on your email inbox for your complete instruction kit on how to earn residual income by simply giving away the Profit From Your Hobby System mini course. I'm sure you'll love what I'm going to share with you...

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