"How To Build The Perfect Home Based Business Around Your Favorite Hobby, Pastime, Sport
Or Skill - The ‘Profit From Your
Hobby System’

Students, Artists, Sales People, Consultants, Professionals
And Moms And Dads From All Sorts Of Backgrounds Are Becoming Successful In Their Own Home Based
Businesses … Would You Like To Be Next?

Imagine being able to earn a really good living doing something you loved…

A recent survey found that over 70% of the people questioned were considering starting a home based business…but I’ll bet many of them never do anything about it simply because they just aren’t sure where to start.

In this ecourse, you’ll explore six real-life case studies pf people who have done just that, and you’ll discover a proven system that could let you do the same thing for yourself if you choose to use it.

You’ll learn exactly how to take something you love doing, a hobby, pastime or passion, or even some specialized knowledge or skill you have right now, and turn it into a business that could earn you an income 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

By reading through these case studies, and modeling what the people in them have done, you could achieve the same level of success that they have.

These men and women are living the dream of millions.

They have each used the same simple system, one that is now available to practically everyone, and created a business that uses the Internet to sell a diverse range of products and services to people all over the world.

But that’s not all.

Their businesses operate 24 hours a day with or without their involvement, typically selling products to people in countries all over the world, and consistently earn their owners streams of cash, even while they sleep.

What does this mean for you?

It means that you could work from anywhere in the world and build a business using the power and reach of the Internet to set yourself up for life.

You’re about to have a new world opened up to you…so let’s begin…

Case Study #1 – Nori Evoy

Nori Evoy was around 14 years of age when she first started building her website where she writes about her favorite holiday spot, the beaches of Anguilla.

Since then, she has built her business up to the point where it earns her several thousand dollars a month. In fact, over time she may earn enough to pay for her college education without the need for the Bain of many people’s existence, a student loan.

Imagine being able to do what Nori’ has done. What a wonderful position to be in; her future is virtually paid for.

What sort of options would an additional income stream like Nori’s give you?

To read Nori’s case study, Click Here.

To read her update, written just before her 17th birthday, Click Here

Great, you’re back.

Isn’t that a wonderful story?

Here’s a young girl who’s really got it together.

Nori’s comment – “I feel so sad for people who are stuck working for people they don't like, for those who are forced to go to work, fight traffic, be in an office and then come home at the end of the day,” really says it all doesn’t it?

This describes millions of workers today, stuck in the rat race, trying to get off, but not knowing how.

If you’re in this position and you’re not sure how to change that, it’s not your fault!

Most people know there’s a better way, but aren’t sure where to start.

You’ve just got to find a proven system that has worked for others and follow it until you succeed.

Nori’s already done that, and at such a young age.

She is creating multiple streams of income from this one little website.

And don't you just love her final point, “I now have a business that I can grow over the years. A business that is fun. I'll never do a 9 to 5. I'll always own my own life.

That, more than money, more than learning about the Web, more than anguilla-beaches, more than learning how to write well, that is the most important thing I've learned from SBI!.

Own your own life. If you don't, what's the point?”

Yes, what’s the point indeed…  

Before we move on, please click on the play button below to hear my final thoughts on Nori's site and her approach to building her business...

Would you like to do the same thing for yourself and your family?

Could you take what Nori has done as a model, apply the same proven system she used and create a website about the best of your favorite holiday destination?

Or hobby…

Or sport…

Or anything else you enjoy doing…

I’ll bet you could.

Or maybe you could write about the part of the world where you live, or where you’d like to live.

It is possible, just look at what Nori has been able to achieve while she’s still a teenager…talk about having a head start in life :-)

The Solo Build It Manual - the Action Guide, gives you all the information you need to do this for yourself.

You too can turn practically any hobby or pastime into a profitable business by following this proven system.

Food for thought, huh?

If you’d like to learn more about the system Nori uses to build her web business, a business that lets her work from home and has basically set her up for life at a very early age, visit this page.

I hope this first case study has given you a glimpse of what’s possible when you choose a proven system to build a business around something you love to do.  

Now before we end today's first article, I'd like you to meet Mitchell. While Nori will probably never need to have a JOB because of her web business, Mitchell DID have a job that he didn't really like that much.

Watch the short video below to see how he managed to quit that job and built a business for himself...

Does that sound like something you could do too? It's not that difficult when you grasp the SBI process and run with it. Something to think about eh?

Don’t miss tomorrow’s article where we’ll look at how artist Marney Makridakis took her love of art and the written word and built a very profitable business that is moving ahead in leaps and bounds.

If you have any questions about whether you can really do this, feel free to contact me by using the Contact Form and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

To your success,

P.S. Stay tuned because over the next few days you’ll be receiving five more case studies that look at how several other people just like you and I have succeeded with their own online businesses.

P.P.S. And if you already KNOW that Solo Build It is what you have been searching for, let me tempt you with my limited time bonus offer of free coaching and support to help you get started. Full details here...

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