The Profit From Your Hobby Mini Course Download Area...Part Four

Hello again, and welcome to the forth of seven lessons in the Profit From Your Hobby mini course.

Isn't it amazing how far people will travel to visit a dentist when he has earned their trust by telling the the whole story about their dental needs?

Having a website for any local business gives you unlimited space to tell your story, much more space than any other form of advertising media can match.

Dr Birch has proven that the web works for local business and is reaping the rewards for his efforts.

Today you'll meet Judd Burton, a former Asphalt Company owner who was working hard for long hours for half the year, then not at all for the rest of the time because of the weather. 

Judd turned everything around and now has three profitable businesses that are highly automated and generate multiple streams of income.

I know you'll enjoy reading Judd's story. The change in his lifestyle has been nothing short of amazing.

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When you do, a menu like the one to the left will open up. 

In Internet Explorer choose "Save Target As..." and download the file to a folder on your computer (in Netscape, Mozilla or Firefox you choose "Save Link As..").

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If you'd like to build a web business similar to what Nori, John, Judd and Marney have done, and get hundreds of dollars of additional bonuses at no extra cost, visit this page to get started.

Then once you have ordered Solo Build It through that page, make sure visit this page to register your purchase and claim your bonuses

I hope you are enjoying our mini course,

Wishing you every success,

P.S. And don't miss tomorrows lesson where we'll meet Jim Nelson. Jim took his passion for Juggling (yes juggling!) and turned it into a business that sells all sorts of juggling related products to people all over the world. Then he started another business focused on parrots and did the same thing.

Two very different businesses with surprisingly similar results..