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To make sure there are no errors, it's a good idea to copy your Solo Build It order number directly from the email message you received from Sitesell confirming your order.

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We'll verify your order number at our end, then as soon as that's done, we'll send you an email containing the download link for your bonus package, the link to our Frequently Asked Questions page and your first coaching lesson.

Important Note - Please remember, these bonuses are only for new Sitesell customers whose orders are credited to me. If you aren't sure whether you qualify but you've ordered already, please complete the form below anyway and I'll get back to you and let you know.

The first few coaching course lessons are quite close together and cover small, easy to manage steps, while the later lessons are spaced out further apart to give you time to work on your site and get everything up to speed.

And don't worry. Unlike a lot of 'Coaching Courses' around these days, I'm not going to be constantly pitching the latest and greatest new products to you every week!

The beauty of the SBI system is that it is basically self contained. That means you aren't constantly putting your hand into your pocket buying additional products and services all the time like you are with everyone else.

There are two small enhancements to the system that I'll mention to you at the appropriate time, but until your web business is up and running, SBI contains everything you need.

And even then, you can say no to my two recommendations without missing out on too much.

(Another) Important Note - The reason we ask for your primary email address is that we've found that AOL, Hotmail and some other free email services tend to reject some (or all) of our coaching messages thinking they are spam (which of course they're not).

So please don't use one of these free addresses for your coaching course lessons or you probably won't receive them :-(

We've found that on most occasions, a Yahoo address is OK if you really have to use a free account, but the others tend to give everyone headaches.

Don't worry, we're not going to spam you or sell your email address to anyone else, and our only goal is to help you to build your new business around your hobby or skill as much as we can...

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