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Solo Build It Mastery Lesson 20 - Let's Increase Your Site's Link Popularity By Submitting HUNDREDS Of Those Great Articles...

Hi again,

It's time to start getting your articles published far and wide online...but it's near on impossible to do it properly without using some sort of leverage.

To get the most out of article submissions, you need to get them out to hundreds of directories and ezine publishers. But who's got the time?

It seems daunting, but there is a solution.

I used to spend hours each week manually submitting articles to directories by hand.

That really sucked, and was a giant waste of my time.

Then I grabbed a copy of the Article Submitter software and started to semi automate the process.

That still sucked, because I still had to sit there for hours manually entering each site even though the software did much of the work.

Still too slow.

Now I've found the answer.

No matter what hourly rate you think you're worth - $20, $100, $300 or more, this time saving solution is worth it hands down.

The tool I now use to automatically submit all of my articles is called Unique Article Wizard.


Because a real human editor actually looks over every one of my articles, then submits them for me to hundreds of article directories and ezine publishers.

I paid a once only lifetime membership fee, and I can submit unlimited articles forever to places I'd never have imagined they would go.

Bottom line - I invested what I earn for doing two hours of personal consulting, and I've leveraged my time a hundredfold by outsourcing the tedious process of submitting my articles out onto the web.

I really enjoy writing them...but not getting them out there.

And that's the bit that matters, isn't it.

If nobody reads what you write, it's no use writing it.

We all know that articles are a great way of getting targeted visitors to our websites.

But it takes a lot of time if you do it yourself.

How much time do you think you could spend doing something you'd rather be doing by having your articles submitted by a professional instead of doing it yourself?

When you consider how much time you'll save for doing more important things, Unique Article Wizard service is simply a no-brainer.

I'm kicking myself for taking so long to use it. And I've wasted hundreds of hours getting my articles out instead of outsourcing it.

Don't make the mistake I did.

Check this out now. Then write and submit at last 5 new articles this month to get the ball rolling.

Hint - What I do is write and submit three or four articles at time, then book them in (through Article Marketer) to go out every 3 of 4 days. That way I get a continuous drip feed of new articles going out to hundreds or even thousands of publishers every week.

It's a really cool system :-)

By regularly releasing new articles to a network of publishers you'll grow your traffic and profits.

Save your sanity, and use Unique Article Wizard for your articles submissions. You won't be sorry when you see the results...

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That's all for today.