More On Site Structure...

Question - You mentioned your German shepherd site and said to study the structure there and model it. I'm not sure what you meant by this. Could you please explain further?

Answer - What I meant about how the shepherd site is set up is say you're on the home page at , you'll see a tab on the left saying Dog Ownership

That takes you to this tier two page - 

Then on that page there are links to tier three pages called - and

...among others

This is how you set up your pages around your most profitable keywords.

The page names are highly targeted keywords that have good Adsense revenue numbers, I can rank well for them, and they also correspond with Clickbank product recommendations in some cases.

In the pages above the main keywords in order are the various dog names and the pages rank well for both the text versions and also at Google and Yahoo Image search because I've optimized the graphics as well.

You'll learn a lot more about how to set up your pages and keywords in the coaching course lessons as you go through.

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