Using Paid Ads To Promote The 'How To Profit From Your Hobby' Ebook...

In this lesson we'll look at how you can online ads to drive targeted visitors to your website where they can download a copy of the How To Profit From Your Hobby ebook.

The place to start is with pay per click advertising and the easiest way to get it happening quickly is with Google Adwords. Adwords has become a must have for serious marketers no matter what you’re selling online and a lot of people earn a serious living using this powerful tool.

As a marketing medium, Google Adwords stands way above everything else both for it’s ability to deliver results and it’s cost effectiveness if you know what you are doing - if you don't know what you are doing though, it can be a very expensive tool. 

But making a lot of money with Google Adwords can be difficult if you don’t know how to get started. 

There are all sorts of factors including knowing how much to bid and when to change your bid amount, which keywords bid on, the wording of your ad and lots more. 

To use Google Adwords effectively, you must know how to write great ads that actually work!

This short report focuses on how to write a great Google Adwords ad for your free How To Profit From Your Hobby ebook so that people visit your site and download it. 

However, the same system I share here for Google AdWords can also be used to write classified ads for ezines, headlines for your web pages, subject lines for emails, and much more.

I’ve included a short resource page at the end of this report if you are interested in learning more about how to profit with Google Adwords.

Remember that the purpose of your Google ad is to get people click to learn more, not to sell Solo Build It. Your most wanted response is to get your reader to click through to your website where you show her the benefits she will receive by downloading a copy of the ebook. 

The only thing you want your ad to do is to get your reader to click and learn more about what you are offering. The more you sell the benefits of clicking on your ad, the better your results will be.

Remember - sell the click, SBI! 

To do this, all you have to do this is follow the simple step-by-step process I’ll outline for you here and when you finish this article you’ll have your first Google Adwords ad completed and ready to go!

As you read this report, keep your favorite text editor such as Notepad open and write you Google Adwords ad as you go.

Now, let’s take a look at the step by step process of writing a great Google ad. 

Step 1 - Know Google’s Adwords Rules

Google has some very specific rules about word count and line length. Here are the rules you need to know for creating a Google Adwords ad that complies with these rules. 

Your Headline can have a Maximum of 25 characters including spaces

Your first Description Line can have a maximum of 35 characters including spaces

Your second Description Line can have a maximum of 35 characters including spaces 

Your Display URL an have a maximum of 35 characters

Your Destination URL of your ad can have a maximum of 1024 characters

With Google Adwords, you have an extremely limited number of characters to work with so you have to choose every word very carefully.

Step 2 - Know Your Market

Choosing the right keywords is very important, so to get started, focus on using the main keywords that people in the market you are targeting the ebook towards would be searching on.

In the example we’ll use here, the market we are interested in is horse owners and our main keyword is horses. 

Step 3 – Write An Attention Grabbing Headline

The job of the headline is to attract your readers’ attention. The easiest way to lock your reader’s eyes onto your ad is to highlight the number one benefit she reader will receive by clicking through to your website to learn more.  

The only thing your reader cares about is what's in it for her, and your headline should tell her your number one benefit right up front.

What is the number one benefit of the How To Profit From Your Hobby ebook?

It’s probably the fact that your reader can take her love of horses and turn it into a profitable business using the leverage of the internet.

Unfortunately, this won’t all fit into the headline box of your Google ad, so we have to do some work to shorten it up a little :-)

Something to remember is that the headline is an ad for your ad. Its job is to attract your readers’ attention and get her to either click straight away or read the rest of your ad to learn more.

Get her attention and force her to act now.

Here’s an example of one headline and ad you could test. 

Make Money From Horses 

Turn your love of horses into a 

Profitable business you’ll love too

The reason this type of ad works is that just about everyone would like to earn a little extra money.

What we are telling the reader here is that she can make money from her love of horses, and that your site will tell her more about how to do that, which of course it does. 

You must use one of your keywords in the headline of your ad, in this case, horses. This is because Google will put the keyword in bold type when your ad displays. 

This is important because the bold type catches your readers’ eye and draws even more attention to your ad, giving you an edge over other ads for the same keyword.

The keywords you are bidding on will also appear bold in the body of your ad as well so you want to include these in your ads body copy as well.

OK, take a moment to write your own headline now.

Use the example above and put your own market’s keyword in there instead. Be sure to check the number of characters doesn’t exceed 25 including spaces. 

Step 4 – Write The Body Of The Ad

The body of your ad is where you have to sell the idea of your reader clicking through to your site to see what you are offering. The way you do this is to use a short, exciting, active benefit statement.

The types of statement that make the reader want to click straight away and see what you have to offer!

You must remember that your ad is selling the click to your website, not selling Solo Build It.

Here are some examples of ads you could test by changing the word horses to your chosen niche market -

Do You Love Horses?

Your passion for horses could be

a profitable business. Find out how


A Passion For Horses?

Take a vacation from the profits

of your horse business. Free guide


Do You Love Horses?

Your love of horses could pay for

your childs education. Free guide


Profit From Your Horses

Your love of horses could give you

financial freedom. Grab this guide


Love Horses? Earn Money

Spend time doing what you love

because of your horses. Free info


Do You Love Horses?

Free guide shows how to turn a

love or horses into online profits


Do You Love Horses?

Your love or horses could pay for

your next vacation. Free guide

You get the idea?

Remember that you only have 35 characters per line, so you’ll have to pay close attention to the formatting of your ad. Of course, you don’t have to use up all of your 35 character limit if you can get your message across earlier than that. 

In the examples above we tell our reader that she can make money from her love of horses and that there’s free information on how to do this at our website.

Take a few moments to choose one of the ads above or write your own along the same lines.

Next you have to type in (or preferably copy and paste in) the URL of the page where your reader will be taken when she clicks on your ad. You usually have two separate URL’s, your display URL and the actual destination URL.

The Display URL is the URL at the bottom of your ad that your reader will see.

The Destination URL is where your visitor will go when she clicks on your ad. This will be the page where your ebook download link is located.

When you set up your Display URL and Destination URL, make sure to test them both to see if they take your visitors to the correct page on your website.

It's very easy to make a mistake and if you have typed in your destination URL incorrectly, it’s much better that you find the problem yourself now rather that a customer finding it when she clicks on your ad and all she sees is an error message :-(

Now, some simple formatting tricks that work and will get your ad noticed more often which means that hopefully more people will click through to your site. 

Try using upper and lower case words in different formats to test the responsiveness of your ads and maybe improve it's click through rate (the number of people who click through to your website compared to the number who see it displayed).

You are allowed to mix upper case and lower case letters but don’t overdo it or Google will disable your ads.

Look at the ads below to see the different mixing upper and lower case words can make. 

Normal Upper And Lower Case

Do You Love Horses?

Your love or horses could pay for

your next vacation. Free Guide 

Lower Case Only

do you love horses?

your love or horses could pay for

your next vacation. free guide

A Bit Of Everything

Do you Love Horses?

Your love or Horses could pay for

your Next Vacation. Free Guide

Just these few changes in case will make these ads give you vastly different results. Experiment with case in your ads and see what works best for you. 

And one final thing you should be aware of.

Always set a daily budget for each Google campaign you are running. That way you won't ever have a nasty surprise when you log in to your account to find you've made a mistake somewhere and you've spent hundreds of dollars on ads you weren't expecting.

Start small, test and tweak your ads, then roll them out across lots of different niche markets once you have something that works

Ok, well that's about it for this lesson...

After following these guidelines and examples, you should now have a great ad to start your Google Adwords campaign. It really is a simple, step-by-step process. 

Once you have an ad that works with Adwords, continue creating new ads to test your original ads against. 

Testing your ads against one another is one of the most important ways of succeeding with any advertising, especially with Google Adwords because of the limited space you have to get things working.

And once you've got a couple of ads that work for Google, start experimenting with the other pay-per-click search engines, Ezine advertising and other forms of online marketing.

The SBI Action Guide and the Tips And Techniques area of the Sitesell site cover lots of different ways of using online advertising to generate visitors to your website.

Remember, every time somebody buys a Solo Build It package through your affiliate link, you earn an upfront referral fee of $75 plus residual commissions every year when the site is renewed (and a large percentage of SBI sites are renewed year after year because the system works).

Imagine what would happen if you took the bull by the horns and really worked hard promoting the ebook for 3, 6 or even 12 months.

You could create a wonderful passive income from all the renewal commissions you'll be receiving in the future, plus every time one of your customers buys another SBI site or anything else from Sitesell, you'll receive commissions on those as well.

Pretty cool huh?

I hope this has given you enough information to get started creating and testing ads to promote the How To Profit From Your Hobby ebook.

As always, if you have any questions or problems, please let me know by using the contact form.

Until your next lesson, where we'll start to look at how you can use joint ventures to promote the ebook and earn second tier commissions on work that was done by somebody else,

Take care,


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