Here's An Explanation Of How Sitesell Tracks Your Sales Using 'Cookies'

Turn up your speakers and click on the play button below for a brief explanation on how the Sitesell cookie tracking system works...

The Sitesell cookie tracking system works on two levels. 

The first time our new visitor Mary is referred to any Sitesell domain by any affiliate, her computer is tagged with what's called a 'temporary cookie'

A 'cookie' is a small tracking device which lives in Mary's computer that identifies her to Sitesell so they can track her visits to any of their site's pages.

It's completely harmless, but it's the way most online merchants track sales from affiliates and how we are sure we will get paid for any sales we make...these 'cookies' are really an affiliate's best friend.

After Mary is 'tagged' with your cookie by visiting a Sitesell page through a link in the ebook, she is potentially your customer.

Unfortunately, if she visits another Sitesell page through a different affiliate's referral link, your cookie is over-written by the second affiliate's cookie.

This process continues until Mary either -

  • Purchases a Sitesell product

  • Becomes a Sitesell affiliate, or

  • Registers for Sitesell's Value Exchange

Once one of these things happens, Mary is given a 'permanent' cookie that can't be overwritten, and all future sales of Sitesell products are credited to the final affiliate who's cookie was on Mary's computer on the day she purchased a product, became an affiliate or registered for Value Exchange.

This is why it is important for you to follow up with your own messages (as we'll discuss in a moment) which include your Sitesell affiliate link or what Sitesell calls your RR URL.

The messages I send to Mary in the Private Members Site follow up sequence include direct links to the various Sitesell pages. This is because many different affiliate's potential customers will be seeing these messages.

Your own message sequence on the other hand will be encoded with your actual RR URL when you refer Mary to any Sitesell page. 

This will keep your temporary cookie on Mary's computer in case she decides to do a little research online before she purchases Solo Build It (which many people do) and unknown to her, visits a Sitesell page through another affiliate's link.

If this happens, and Mary buys any product, becomes a Sitesell affiliate or registers for Value Exchange, she will be the other affiliate's customer for life.

This is something you want to avoid if you've taken the time to educate her, show her what's possible with Solo Build It, and got her ready to buy.

I've lost many sales because the buyer had somebody else's permanent cookie on their computer and didn't realize it. 

It especially hurts when you've spent hours writing emails back and forward and talking on the phone with people and then their sale is credited to somebody else because they already had a permanent  cookie from another affiliate.

Mind you, I've got lots more customers and affiliates for life because of the permanent cookie than I've lost, so it's a good thing, it's just something you need to be aware of :-)

The bottom line - while I will be following up with your visitors for you through the Private Site email course, you should create your own autoresponder series of messages.

 You can do this by using Form Build It (or preferably an autoresponder like Aweber because you can have unlimited follow up messages with Aweber instead of only the seven that Form Build It gives you) to keep your own cookie on your visitors computer until she purchases

Then she's yours for life...

If setting up your own follow up system all sounds too hard, don't worry about it for now. I'll be following up for you anyway. You might lose the odd sale to somebody else, but it's a small risk and it shouldn't make a huge difference overall.

Once you're more comfortable with the whole affiliate and online marketing thing, you can set up your own follow up system later on.

If you need more information on how all this tracking stuff works, please consult your 5 Pillar Manual (it's available for download inside the 5 Pillar Club) for everything you need.

And if you have any questions about the 5 Pillar Club, you can contact Sitesell Support by clicking here.

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