Could You Please Give Me More Specific Information On Page Setup?

Question - I'd like more information on setting up my new site around the keyword phrase Leukemia.

Answer - Leukemia (incidentally the spelling 'Leukaemia' has about the same demand and much less supply) is a market that may be quite profitable for you, but I'd be wary of focusing the whole site on the keyword phrase Leukemia symptoms because of the limited demand. You're sort of on the right track but your plan just needs a little nudging. 

Here's how it all goes together...

Your main keyword for a site on leukemia would be leukemia, so your domain name would have to include that word and a couple of others to help it make sense. Something like or or something like that. 

You have to be very careful with medical sites not to give outright advice or call your site a cure for anything and make sure you have a watertight disclaimer on each page so nobody sues you, not a nice thought, but we have to cover out behinds these days.

What you want for your main keyword (your site theme keyword) is the maximum demand you can find. 

Go for the big picture and maximum potential demand (don't worry about supply for this word too much because you will probably never be able to rank well for this highly competitive word anyway) and look for a word that holds your site's theme together.

Your tier two pages would then be the 4 types of leukemia like you say, but include leukemia symptoms as one of these tier two pages. 

If the symptoms are different for each type, include the type of leukemia in the page name as well. 

For example, the file name for your page about lymphocytic leukemia would be called lymphocytic-leukemia.html and major keyword for that page would be lymphocytic leukemia. The other three types would be 'leukemia type name'-symptoms.html as well.

The example above (lymphocytic-leukemia.html) would be a tier two page with a button pointing to it from your home page, and your tier 3 pages would come off this one.

You would have related pages that discuss the various treatments available listed as links with brief descriptions on your tier two page (the lymphocytic-leukemia.html page), and then link to your tier three pages from there.

Your tier 3 pages are where you discuss each treatment or whatever in detail and ask for a buying decision after you've Pre-sold your reader on the benefits of what you're offering.

As an example, visit my site at  

The keywords for this page are hobby and lifestyle. I've got zero chance of ranking well for these two words - it's never going to happen. 

What it does do though is hold the site together into a niche (actually two broad niches) of hobbies and lifestyle issues.

Click on the link that says Dog Ownership on the left had nav bar. 

I'll have trouble ranking well for this keyword phrase as well, but the point is that it's a bridge between my main topic and my tier three pages. 

This tier two page holds the site together, it's like the glue between my home page (with a global big picture focus) and my tier three pages (the easy-to-rank-well-for pages).

Scroll down and you'll see links to all of my dog related tier 3 articles. Here's where most of my visitors come into the site and where I capture their names and email addresses for my dog list.

Most of your search engine visitors will also come in on these tier three pages and will go to your other pages from there.

In your case, your page structure would be -

Home page - focused on leukemia

Tier two pages - focused on the 4 types of leukemia and any other big picture keywords you can come up with including leukemia symptoms.

Tier 3 pages - all of your explanation and product referral pages where you ask your visitor to make a buying decision.

Structure your site like this and you should be well on your way. 

Also remember, your most wanted response should nearly always be to capture your visitors name and email address by offering her a free report or mini course. 

This way you will have multiple chances of selling her products or services instead of one shot and then she's gone.

Something to think about...

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