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What sort of information you will find here -

  • All the lessons for the Solo Build It Mastery Coaching Course

  • Audio answers to reader's questions where words just won't do

  • Camtasia video answers to questions that needed demonstration or extra explanation

  • Written answers to many of the most frequently asked questions for existing members to help you keep growing and building your SBI website. 

  • Plus, many of the written answers have links to audios and videos in them as well to help you learn and understand the core concepts of using SBI

This area is constantly being added to so check back often for the latest updates.

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The Solo Build It Mastery Email Coaching Lessons

As a member of this program, you will be receiving regular lessons in the Solo Build It Mastery Coaching Course. I've tried to design the lessons so that they arrive at your inbox at around the time you'll need them if you are just starting out on the Internet.

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Of course, it's impossible to know for sure when you'll be ready for each segment of the course because everyone's skill level and understanding is different, so I've created a master page that contains a listing of all the lessons I've done so far and I'll be adding to it regularly.

This means you can go through the lessons at your own pace, and if you want to skip ahead of the email lessons on which they are based, please feel free to do so.

If you would like to review any of the coaching lesson from the course, you can do that from the Coaching Lesson Home page.

Audio Answers -

1. How do I know which keywords to keep as I start my research and which ones to delete. Listen Here

2. How do I get your coaching messages intact? I'm using AOL and it seems to strip the links out of them. Listen Here

3. What's the best position and layout for my adsense ads? Listen Here

4. How many keywords should I put on each page of my site? Listen Here

5. Is Solo Build It the right choice for building affiliate sites? Listen Here

6. Can two people be working inside Site Central at the same time from different computers? Listen Here

7. Need more ideas for finding the perfect niche? Here's several places you can continue your search. Listen Here

8. How do I use Name Park It to redirect people from similar domains to my main SBI site? Listen Here

9. Can I put a Squeeze Page on my Home Page? Listen Here

Video Tutorials -

Important Note - The audio on some of these videos may start playing before the picture fully loads into your browser if you have a slow Internet connection.

If this happens, please wait until the picture is visible, then stop the video using the 'stop' button on the bottom of the player (this may require hitting the stop button twice) and then re-start the video again by choosing 'play'.

1. I'm having trouble re-sizing and then uploading graphics into SBI using the Graphics Library. How can I make the graphic file sizes smaller so SBI accepts them? Watch the video

2. Can you explain in more detail how to set up my pages to rank well? Watch the videos from this page

3. Do all my pages have to include variations of my main keyword or can I go a little off topic with them? Watch the video

4. How do I upload a .PDF file into SBI? Watch the video from this page

5. I'd like to put graphics next to my Google Adsense ads because I've heard it improves click-throughs. How do I do this? Watch the video from this page

6. How do I put the Aweber subscriber form code onto my SBI website? Watch the tutorial videos from this page

7. How do I speed up my brainstorming? I find it tedious after I do a lateral brainstorm deleting all of the irrelevant keywords from my MKL. Is there a better way? Yes there is...Watch the video

8. Would you like to be able to consistently turn $1 into $2 or more using Google? Watch this tutorial series to see how

9. Not sure about the importance of optimizing your graphics? Watch this video tutorial...

10. How do I know which keywords are best to build my tier three pages around? Watch these video tutorials

11. How do I find high Adsense value keywords related to my niche and then monetize them? Watch the tutorial

12. How do I upload one of the custom Look and Feel templates into my SBI site? Watch these video tutorials

13. How do I submit my site to Yahoo using the Sitesell .txt feed? I've been through Search Engine HQ but I need help. Watch the video tutorial from this page

14. How do I use the SBI Page Manager function to sort my pages into folders? Watch the tutorial

15. Here's how to create your Tracker Links to cloak your Affiliate Links and analyze your results. Watch the videos from this page

16. Can you give me a quick, 5 minute lesson on setting up my page structure? Yes, watch the videos from this page

17. How do I add my 5 Pillar Affiliate link to my website to refer people to Sitesell? Watch the video tutorial from this page

18. Here's a new video that shows how you can easily grab all of your competitors main keywords and use them for yourself to find every profitable nook and cranny in your niche. Watch the video from this page

19. Watch this 6 minute video to see how you can use your website to quickly start creating passive income for yourself and your family. Watch the video from here

20. I've received several questions from students recently about how to either find profitable niche markets or how to decide what sort of products they should either create or source affiliate programs for. Here's the answer including a video tutorial

21. Quite a few students have asked me for a sales letter template that they can modify to sell their own products or services. Watch this video to learn how

The Solo Build It Mastery Article Directory

I've learned a LOT from people like Yanik Silver, John Reese and Jimmy Brown, and I've put together a collection of my favorite articles for you to learn from too.

To visit the Solo Build It Mastery Article Directory and continue your Internet marketing education by learning from some of the smartest minds on the planet, click here.

Written Questions And Answers...

Ok, here we go with the written answers to the most asked questions ... some of these answers also have audios included to give you additional ideas and tips.

Let's start off at the beginning with...

Choosing A Niche And Domain Name...

1. Choosing a niche and domain name...can my site cover multiple niches all in the one place? Read More

2. The Power Of A Super Tight Niche is a great article that will give you lots of ideas for your brand new website (you'll need your SBI username and login to read this one). Read It Here

3. Why is Ken so adamant about registering a new domain name for my Solo Build It site. I've already got one, can't I use that? Read More

4. Do I need hyphens in my domain name? Read more

5. Not sure about which niche is right for you. Need some inspiration? Visit SBI Resources and download Michael Holland's ebook, Niche Treasures. Just use your SBI username and password to log in, download this great ebook, and start reading.

6. After discussing this with you I'm still confused as to why you stress the lack of hyphens. Why is this? Read More

7. How can I check to see if the domain name I want to use will infringe on anyone's copyright? Does the Autoweblaw program help me with this? Read More

8. I seem to stuck at the site concept keyword. My first thought was to build a site about Classical Guitar - Specialize in its Technique. Can you help? Read More

9. I am thinking of building a SBI site based around the market of online security. What are your honest thoughts on this as a niche? Read More

10. I've received several questions from students recently about how to either find profitable niche markets or how to decide what sort of products they should either create or source affiliate programs for. Here's the answer

11. I've got several potential topics I'm considering to build my website around, but they are very broad and I'm not sure which way to go with this. How do I decide which topic to stick with out of all of these alternatives, and then how do I maximize the profitability of that topic? Here's My Answer

12. Covering your butt with a Website Disclaimer and Privacy Policy...Read More

Building Content, Formatting And Site Structure...

1. Do I need a logo for my website? Read More

2. Is Solo Build It any good for building pure affiliate sites - I don't have my own product to sell and can't ever see myself creating one? Read More

3. I don't like any of the standard SBI templates. Can I buy different templates from somebody else and use them with my SBI site? Read More

4. How Many Keywords Should I Use When I'm Building A Page? Read More

5. Need ideas for building web content fast? Log in to SBI Resources and download Gary Antosh's e-book How To Build Web Content Fast. Just use your SBI username and password to log in, download this great ebook, and start reading.

6. Should I use singular or plural keywords when naming pages and choosing which words to use? Read More

7. What do you think of directories? Have you ever paid to be listed in a directory? Do you think any of those are worth it? Read More...

8. I keep getting these weird keyword phrases coming up in Brainstormer. How do I use these words in my pages? Read More

9. What sort of profitability numbers should I be looking for when I use the Brainstorm It tool? Read More

10. You did mention only using tightly focused keywords, yet Ken also mentions 'word combos' using more general keywords. Could you clarify this situation for me? Read More

11. I've received your lessons on using articles to generate traffic to the site but I'm not ready for that yet. What's next? Read More

12. Should I be spending time writing website content or submitting articles? Read More

13. I've started to gather information in order to build web pages, but find that I just can't bring myself to build them. I don't think they're good enough, what should I do? Read More

14. Please explain what the difference is between tier 2 and tier 3 pages? Read More

15. What about changing the size of pictures, copyright and tier 2 and 3 pages...? Read More

16. How many pages is too many on one website? Read More

17. Do I need more than one SBI site to cover my niche? Read More

18. How Do I resize and then upload graphics to my SBI Website? Read More

19. Could you please give me more specific information on page setup? Read More

20. Where can I find royalty free and copyright free pictures and photos I can use on my website? Read More

21. What's a quick easy way to generate ideas for articles and website content? Read More

22. Could you give me some tips on building a Real Estate referral website? Read More

23. Can you give me some advice on building a jewelry site? Read More

24. I'm having trouble coming up with content for my site. Can you give me some suggestions? Use your SBI username and password to log in here for a great answer...

25. I want to get more incoming links to my site. What do you suggest? Read More...

26. How do I put a picture on my Solo Build It homepage? Read More

27. I've started looking for link partners. Should I consider a "Premium Partners" page for linking back to directories and for my future link partners? Read More...

28. Please give me some guidelines on site structure, tier two and three pages and how I should proceed now that I've registered my domain name? Read More

29. You mentioned your Hobby and Lifestyle site and said to study the structure there and model it. I'm not sure what you meant by this. Could you please explain further? Read More

30. Do you have someone write the copy for all of your websites for you, or are you researching and writing it all yourself? Read More

31. Do you recommend Niche Content Packages for website content? Read More

32. Can I 'Borrow' your Legal Forms for my own website? Read More

33. Could you please give me some tips on building a music related site?... Note - This Answer Is Applicable Too Many Niche Markets. Read More

34. My art and drawing site concept consists mainly of pictures and not a lot of words for content. Is this going to be a problem? Read More

35. Is there was anywhere I can find a list of various html codes that I can use to stylize my site - italics, bold, underline, align, etc? Yes, Read More

36. I'm stuck writing the content for my home page - HELP! Read More

37. I'm having trouble getting my messages through Sitesell's Webmail function. What do you recommend? Read more

38. I'm having trouble getting my graphics and pictures formatted correctly. Is there a central resource where I can learn how to do this? Yes, log into this Sitesell Forum post

39. I've heard that submitting articles to About.com is a good way of getting additional visitors and boosting my website's PageRank. How do I do this? Read More in this SBI Tips article

40. Are we allowed to add a "headline" inside another's article and not have it count as us "changing their article" Read More

41. Do you have any clue regarding where I go to get Website Liability Insurance? We want to be protected in case somebody sues us... Read More

42. Is it possible to do a subscription or membership site with the SBI program? Read More

43. In Brainstorm It, we need to enter a Google API key but after applying to the program, we have no idea of what our key is. Can you help? Read More

44. How do I build a high ranking site around my favorite holiday spot, Bali? Read More

45. How do we minimize Spam complaints when using Form Build It? Read More

46. What about double opt-in for Form Build It messages? Read More

47. How do I add a Yahoo search box to my site so my visitors can find pages better? Read More

48. Can I stay anonymous and not reveal my true identity on my website? Read More

49. One coaching student asked me how I handle building so many pages on my Solo Build It sites without going stark raving mad :) Here's my answer, it might prove useful as you build your site too

50. I recently found to get over 30% of my link exchange requests not only opened, but ACTED UPON. And nearly half of the website owners who responded linked to me from a second or third website, without me even asking! Read more

51. Can you tell me how you did, the first time, and what you saw and how you overcame the tediousness of building all of your content? Read my answer

52. PREselling - What Is An "Open To Buy" Frame Of Mind? Read my answer here

53. How I Got NINE Results On Page One Of Google...In 48 Hours... This 6 1/2 minute video shows you how I got NINE of the first ten search engine results on page one of Google using a simple video...and how you can do it too.

53. More Results From Online Video And Traffic Geyser...Here's my latest results from submitting videos to Blogging and video sharing sites using Traffic Geyser...

54. How do you get great content written inexpensively? Here's one very good way

55. Writing ads? Here's what you need to know to create a compelling headline. Read More

56. Traffic exchanges...do they actually work for generating 'real' visitors to your website? Read My Answer


1. Some initial thoughts on monetization...You Are Not Your Monetization Model! Use your SBI username and password to log in here for a reminder of what building your web business is all about.

2. Is waiting for inclusion in DMOZ important before I monetize my website? Read More

3. I'm at the stage of starting to build my free newsletter sign-up page and start building my subscriber list for my niche golf site. Can you give me some tips on getting the most out of my newsletter using Aweber? Read More...

4. My site is up and running but I'm not getting the traffic I'd like to see. What can I do now to start boosting it? Read More

5. When do I monetize my new site? Read More

6. What are the best ad sizes and positions for putting Google Adsense on my website? Read More

7. Could you give me any idea what a typical SBI 30-page site makes per month if the site has Adwords and some affiliate programs? Read More

8. How many affiliate links is too many on one page? Read More

9. I'm putting an ebook together to give away for viral purposes. Is the $10 package mentioned in Harvey's ebook what I need to produce it? Read More

10. I'm ready to apply for Google Adsense to start monetizing my site, where do I do that? Read More

11. How can I use SBI to promote merchants who use drop shipping? Read More

12. How Much Does Store Build It Cost? Read More

13. Whenever I try to put more than one set of Google Adsense ads on an SBI page, it cancels out the first set of ads. Why is this? Read More

14. How do I cloak my affiliate links so people won't steal my commissions? Read More

15. How can I use SBI to promote my MLM business? Read More

16. How do I integrate a Paypal Buy Now button into my SBI site? Read More

17. Do you recommend the standard SBI newsletter builder or something else - you mentioned Aweber somewhere? Read More

18. Is there any other way I can monetize my site using ads apart from Google's Adsense? Yes try Chitika Ads, Read More

19. I'm ready to create my audio interview product with the 'guru' in my niche. Who do you recommend to record the call? Read More

20. I don't have a merchant account but want to have the facility to pay and receive credit card payments. How can that be achieved at minimal cost? Read More

21. My SBI site is coming up for renewal and I haven't made much money, what can I do? Read More

22. Watch this 6 minute video to see how you can use your website to quickly start creating passive income for yourself and your family. Watch here

23. I'm often asked by students "I've built plenty of PREselling content on my Solo Build It site, and I'm getting traffic, so why aren't people clicking through to my merchants or my sales letter?" Get the answer here

24. Why Affiliate Marketing Sucks - The downside of being an affiliate marketer (and why you should be developing your own products and services). Read my thoughts here

25. I get a lot of people emailing me asking how they can make more money from their websites. Today you are going to learn exactly how to do this from a master. And with what you learn in this free audio, you will be able to get started right away...Listen Here

26. Clickbank now offers recurring billing - time to create a membership site offer or monthly fee based product. Read More

27. Want to make more affiliate sales? Here's how to increase click throughs to your affiliate merchants...Read More

28. Got products to sell but can't do as well as you'd like? Check out the power of having your own product and affiliate program to promote it...Read More

Using Solo Build It For Offline Businesses

1. How do I show offline businesses the power of marketing on the web...and get paid for it? Read More

2. Can you tell me more about how SBI be used to generate offline leads for local business owners...and exactly how do I get paid. Read More

3. How do I promote my offline business using my website? Read More

4. Here's how to use the Internet to promote your local business to hundreds or even thousands of potential customers. If you sell products to local customers, a lead generation website could be the best investment you ever made. Read More

5. If you offer a service to customers and you need a constant supply of new prospects, the possibilities for generating all the leads you can handle are endless. You could provide a service that anyone from any part of the world is searching for and needs...Read More

Other Questions...

1. How can I find the time to build my SBI site? I'm so busy these days, how do I fit it all in? Read More

2. Can you build my SBI site for me? Read More

3. If you are sick of all the crappy sites you find and you want to add value to the web, but you're not sure if your little site can make it, read this article. Use your SBI username and password to log in here

4. Who else do you recommend for Internet marketing information? Read More

5. I know you've spoken about Jimmy Brown on several occasions. Why do you stress the importance of us subscribing to his List and Traffic newsletter so often? Read More

6. I have forgotten how to start on the second website, since I purchased two websites in a recent promotion. Could you please tell me how to do that? Read More

7. How do I get a refund on my SBI website because it's not working for me? Read More

8. How do I track my sales of SBI and other Sitesell products and how are commissions paid? Read More

9. What is the 'secret' of making Solo Build It work for me? Read More

10. I'm having lots of trouble trying to promote Solo Build It through my website. Can you help? Read More

11. How can I effectively promote SBI using direct mail? Read More

12. Could you give me some tips for promoting Solo Build It through direct mail? Read More

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