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Discover How A Young Woman Has Turned Her Passion For Art Into A Thriving Online Business...

Yesterday you read about Nori Evoy, a teenager who is already earning a very good living writing about her favorite holiday destination…

I hope you enjoyed reading through Nori’s case study and then my analysis and step by step guide on how to model her web business for yourself. I especially hope you noticed the part where she shares her tip for promoting the products of local Anguilla merchants and her real estate agent friend OFFLINE.

If you missed that, make sure you go back and read Nori's case study to see the power of what she is doing here. Hardly anybody does this yet so the field is wide open no matter where you live...

Today you’ll meet Marney Makridakis, who initially wanted to create a magazine focused on art, but instead chose to self publish on the Internet and has never looked back.

Marney is running her business and having a ball at the same time.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

You too can work from anywhere in the world and build a business using the power and reach of the Internet to set yourself up for life.

It’s time to be inspired…again…

Case Study #2…Marney Makridakis

Marney started building her business in September 2002, after she had the idea of starting a magazine for artists and writers.

Her first website didn’t work that well, so in 2003 she took the plunge and bought the same Solo Build It! website building package that Nori uses.

She has since built a web business that sells hundreds of different products and receives thousands of visitors every week.

Marney also took something she loved, art, and turned it into a thriving business.

To read Marney’s original case study, Click Here.

To read her first update, click here.

To read Marney’s latest update to see how her business has grown rapidly and become extremely successful, click here.

Now there’s another inspiring story…

Marney’s life has changed so much because of her web business. And you can do exactly the same thing by turning your hobby or passion into a business just like she has done.

Marney’s comment, “But thanks to all the options and resources from Solo Build It (SBI), and to lots of out-of-the-box thinking, I found that it is possible to build a business that combines multiple streams of income from a variety of ancillary products and services (e-courses, teleworkshops, eBooks, lectures, an online marketplace, etc.) that are making a difference in the lives of my audience.

“In less than a year, I went from publishing a magazine as a part time hobby to launching a full-time creative business with a small staff, and a team of affiliates who enjoy helping me promote Artella's products.

“I have created such a successful model for creating e-courses that I'm offering a comprehensive course in how to do it. Enrolment is $400 -- a nice price, and the course filled to capacity within three weeks, with a waiting list for the next session. Now THAT is sweet success. And SBI's flexibility made it all possible!”

…says it all.

Marney uses her search engine friendly website to attract the exact people who are her most likely customers, offers great free information in her content and a community of like minded individuals who interact with each other, then she sells them the additional information they are looking for in many different forms.

Marney is an information marketer.

You can do this too.  

Before we move on, please click on the play button below to hear my final thoughts on Marney's website...

If you would like to discover how to build an online business based upon what you know (from work experience, hobbies, passions, or past-times) like Marney has done, now you can.

You can use the same proven system that Marney has mastered and build a business that uses the Internet to sell a diverse range of products and services to people all over the world.

And it gets even better.

If you set it up right, your business will operate 24 hours a day with or without you being there, selling products and services to people in countries all over the world. You could be earning money while you sleep.

If you know your subject matter, and if you're motivated to build a real business with growing, diversified revenues for yourself, Click Here to learn how to build an information marketing business of your very own...

It is possible to take something you love, share it with others, and be paid handsomely for your efforts J

And finally today, I'd like to introduce Charles who didn't want to build a business as big as Marney's but still wanted to work at home.

Watch this video to hear his story...

I hope this second case study and Charles's video has given you another glimpse of what is possible when you choose a proven system to build a business around something you love to do.

So what’s the first step?

For most people it's to the Sitesell Video Tour. You'll see exactly what's involved in putting a profitable web business together using SBI. To watch the Video Tour and see just how simple it is to build your own business online, visit this page.

If Nori and Marney’s stories have struck a chord with you, don’t you owe it to yourself to give SBI a try? Click here to check out my limited time bonus offer to see if you qualify and order your very own Solo Build It! package.

Or if you saw the possibilities right away and you’ve ordered Solo Build It! already, please visit this page to register your purchase so I can send you the download link for your bonus package.

And if you have any questions about whether you can really do this, feel free to contact me by using the Contact Form and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

To your success,

P.S. Don’t miss tomorrow’s article where we’ll look at how Dentist Dr John Birch built an asset that generates an additional $10,000 a month in revenue for his business and helps him attract new clients from up to 120 miles away.

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