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Yesterday you read about Jim Nelson, who took his passion for Juggling and turned it into a business that sells all sorts of juggling related products to people all over the world. Then he started another business focused on parrots and did the same thing.

Jim is living proof that you can find a market online for even the most interesting and diverse topics and carve out a profitable business if you follow a proven system

I loved the way his business started out as an extension of one of his favorite things, and then grew to become quite profitable over time.

Did you notice the way Jim’s visitor traffic grew?

Form very little to quite large numbers, and as he says, “This is for Juggling!”

Now I haven’t looked at the numbers for people looking for information on juggling on the web, but I’ll bet Jim gets a lot of those seeking tips on how to juggle better eventually finding their way to his website.

He then has a chance to get them onto an email list and build a relationship with them over time. Many of these visitors will become long-term customers, and Jim will probably never even get to meet most of them in person.

And one final word from Jim before we move on…

His comment on page 5, “I'm ready to keep growing. I tell you, this SBI! is just brilliant!”

…pretty much sums up the thoughts of all of our web business case study participants so far.

Something to think about…and if you missed Jim's case study yesterday, you can check it out now by visiting this page...

Today you’ll meet Jerry Mack, who took his knowledge and experience working for a large business (he was a regional manager for a medical imaging company, and was making them a very good profit) and went out on his own.

Now he sells a similar range of medical equipment and gets to keep the profits for himself.

Are you starting to see a pattern forming here?

1) Have hobby, skill or experience

2) Build a web business around this hobby, skill or experience

3) Enjoy what you are doing, plus make money at the same time

4) Leave the rat race behind and live life on your own terms…

If you could do something similar, how would that make you feel?

Ok, let’s take a look at Jerry’s story…

Case Study #6 – Jerry Mack

Jerry Mack took what he knew about a specialized field and turned it into an impressive, thriving business in just two years.

Starting from nothing but a blank computer screen, his accumulated knowledge, and a Solo Build It website, he has built a business that a larger company liked so much they offered to buy it from him for $200,000 per year for 5 years.

And as part of that offer, they were going to let him keep up to 20% ownership of an estimated $10 million dollar company after 5 years.

But Jerry and his wife decided to say no.

Their lifestyle meant more to them than just the money.

What would you decide if you were offered a similar deal for your web business?

Jerry’s story is one of the most inspirational of them all, because it shows how he went from making his former boss money to making it for himself, and how he has built a very valuable asset for himself and his family.

I know you’ll love reading his story…

To read Jerry’s original case study, click here.

To read his first update to see how his business has grown and prospered, click here.

To see Jerry’s latest update, where he shares his latest profit numbers and thoughts on the SBI system, click here

Another wonderful story, don’t you think?

Talk about getting himself out of the rat race!

Let’s look at what Jerry said about how SBI has helped him succeed with his new business…

He says, “When I think of all that SBI does for me, I'm amazed that you sell it for peanuts

“First, it brings in super-targeted leads. Do you have any idea how much time and energy I would have to spend to do that without a Web site? I choke to think about it.

“Second, it can help you look like a big organization with multiple warehouses across the country even though you work in your bathrobe in the den. And, in one sense, I really do have warehouses all over our nation. I just don't own them and don't have to worry about them.

“Of course, it's also a brochure for all my products. I don't have to spend a penny printing or mailing brochures. And I don't have to waste a second, either. As soon as a lead finds my content, there's the brochure, product information, content, etc.

“Fourth, it can also actually sell the products, too, and collect the money electronically. On my first site, we took payment via PayPal, smooth as silk, easy as pie.

“Fifth, you build a bond with your customers. We had started an e-zine, a very professional-looking newsletter, with the first site. Our customers love the updates, and by staying in front of their eyeballs, they thought of Jerry Mack when they thought about their next purchase.”

And what about the offer to buy his business?

Jerry says, “The offer was sweet - $200,000 per year for 5 years, plus probably 20% ownership of an estimated $10 million dollar company after 5 years. But we decided to say no.

“SBI! helped us to build the business that made this opportunity possible, but we also realized SBI! had given us something more than the potential financial gain of selling the business. SBI! has given us freedom. We have total control of our business (and daily lives) and the merging of our business would mean giving away some of that freedom.”

Jerry’s quote above, “SBI has given us freedom,” really says it all, doesn’t it? Isn’t that what we all want for ourselves and those we love?

You betcha!

Freedom to do what we want, whenever we want, with whoever we want…without having to worry about our finances.

And Jerry and his wife Kate already have it after just two years work. They didn’t just sit on their hands and hope for success, they got out there and made it happen.

So what are Jerry’s thoughts on the price of SBI?

Again, he says, “I think of all that SBI does for me, I'm amazed that you sell it for peanuts.”

Peanuts indeed compared to the business Solo Build It has allowed him to build.  

Before we move on, please click on the play button below to hear my final thoughts on Jerry's business...

Does every Solo Build It owner succeed on such a grand scale?

Of course not, but many SBI’ers build businesses that do ultimately give them the freedom they are seeking.

Others create a handy monthly income that helps cover those nagging little expenses that seem to crop up from nowhere just when we can least afford them

And some people ask for a refund.

That’s right, some people, for whatever reason - no time, looking for a get rich quick solution (which of course doesn’t really exist), maybe they weren’t really serious about making it work, all sorts of reasons…ask for their money back.

Which is fine. Solo Build It! isn’t for everybody and they’ll gladly give you a refund if you ask for it.

But how about you?

Could you do what Jerry and Kate have done using some specialized knowledge you already have sitting inside your head just waiting to be shared?

You’ll never know unless you try…

And who knows, you could be the next case study on the ever-growing SBI! Case Studies site.

Why not?

And before we go today, I'd like to share another video created by Audrey who uses SBI to promote her book eidting service to aspiring Authors.

Watch this video to hear Audrey's story...

If Jerry and Kate's story inspires you, or if you have ANY service to promote like Audrey does and you'd like to take it online, you owe it to yourself to give SBI! a try. Click here to check out our bonus offer and order your very own Solo Build It! package.

And if you’ve ordered Solo Build It! already, please visit this page to register your purchase and download your bonus package.

And if you have any questions about whether you can really do this, feel free to contact me by using the Contact Form and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

To your success,

P.S. Don’t miss tomorrow’s article where we’ll wrap up this series and I’ll share my final thoughts on building a profitable web business around your favorite hobby, skill or pastime.

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