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Solo Build It Mastery Lesson 26 - Competing Against Professional SEO's And Winning...

I received this question again today so I thought I'd share my answer with you in case you've been wondering about this yourself...

Question - I've been reading a lot about SEO (search engine optimization) lately and I'm worried that I won't be able to compete in my competitive market against these guys.

I just read an article explaining all about using keywords in your URL, Title Tags and in the 'anchor text' of incoming links to our site. 

If everyone is doing this, how are we supposed to get our sites ranking well when we have such stiff competition?

Answer - Not everyone is doing this correctly and besides it doesn't really matter if they are. 

Have you read The TAO of SBI? It's available from a link in Site Central.

It shows you why pure search engine focused SEO like the articles discusses is doomed and yet these guys just don't get it.

While everything the article says is true and important (and explained in the Action Guide :-) the 'real' thing to focus on is creating unique, valuable content that adds value to the web and contains your own personal 'voice'. 

Side Note - Ken discusses the use of 'voice' in SBIX #165 - this is very important for you to understand so login and read this now.

That's why SBI sites built using the principles of the TAO rank so well with both humans and search engines.

A perfectly SEO'ed site that contains boring, generic content designed only with SE's in mind has no chance against something like Nori Evoy's site with it's personal style, friendly writing and great content when a HUMAN visitor comes along.

As Ken says, SE's track lots of things including length of stay and when people find a site they love, they hang around. 

When they arrive at a site that's obviously aimed at SE's simply designed to get Adsense clicks they don't.

Sometimes they click on an ad to get away, but they never come back and wouldn't think of subscribing to a newsletter there...

The bottom line is what's the point of doing perfect SEO, getting incoming links with the right anchor text, etc., and then not giving your visitors what they are looking for?

These straight SEO guys just don't get it, and that is why we wipe the floor with them when we do the correct SEO stuff as explained in the coaching course and the Action Guide AND create unique, valuable content.

And they will never get it so we have nothing to fear from these 'gurus'...

Build unique content, develop your own 'voice', set up your pages correctly, build lots of pages around easy-to-win keywords to start with, and you will not only compete in your niche, you'll ultimately be in a position to dominate it like Nori does with hers.

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Hope this helps to put your mind at ease about competing with the SEO pros...there's really no need to worry.

Until next time,


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