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So, let's get started.

As you know, I'm convinced the absolute best way to turn your favorite hobby, skill or pastime into a viable business is to use the leverage of the Internet to promote products and services that are related to your hobby and people are searching for.

It's a relatively simple (but not always easy :-), step by step process to build a web business and product distribution system to promote either your own products or services, those of other merchants, or a combination of the two.

The reasons are many -

  • There are thousands of popular products already created so you don't need to come up with anything yourself. It doesn't matter if you have no idea of how to create a product to sell to your market. Chances are that many other people have already done all the hard work for you and you'll find plenty of products and services to sell to your targeted market place

  • Incredible leverage. If you have your own products or services to promote, you can have hundreds or even thousands of other people promoting your products and services for you and you only pay them when they make a sale

  • Global reach. Even a small local business or somebody working from their kitchen table has the same opportunity as huge corporations when it comes to the Internet

  • 24/7/365 opening hours. Your virtual store front is open all day, every day, working for you while you goof off or do whatever else it is that you want to do.

  • Automation. You can automate practically everything, and what you can't automate, you can outsource if you want to, giving you the potential for the ultimate lifestyle

With this in mind, most of the resources will be focused towards marketing on the Internet.

Here's what we've got for you so far...

1) Ever wondered how the web really works? Have you ever heard the phrase, "Content Is King?".

The process of building a successful web business the search engines and human visitor love has 4 steps -

  • Create Content

  • Generate free traffic from the search engines

  • PRE-sell your targeted visitors on doing something

  • Monetize your PRE-sold visitor traffic in various ways

This page goes into more detail on how the search engines work out what is good content and what is rubbish. To read more, click here

2) Would you like to hear Ken Evoy, one of the current web marketing 'Gurus' and owner of Sitesell.com, as he talks candidly on a radio interview about the future of the web and the keys to building a profitable web business?

Ken turns down $20,000 keynote speaker invitations. Here's your chance to hear him "live" and free. To listen in on the interview, click here

3) Not sure how you could actually earn an income from your website because you don't think you could 'sell' anything?

There's now a tailor-made way to monetize your website... Rarely will a custom-made solution be dropped into your lap (let alone from the Net's smartest company), just begging you to capitalize.

You've probably heard of Google. They're pretty big on the Internet you might have noticed.

Well now you can partner with Google and earn revenue every time somebody clicks on one of your ads.

To learn how to partner with one of the biggest names on the web today, visit this page.

4) And finally we have 3 .PDF files you can download that look at 3 of the main issues in turning your hobby or skills into a viable business -

I hope you enjoy reading these ebooks and visiting the web pages above. As we add new articles and resources, I'll let you know by email so you're always up to date.

And if you have any questions you'd like to ask a Solo Build It owner and expert, you can by visiting this page.

Thankyou again for subscribing to our private site.

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