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As part of the exclusive bonus package you'll be entitled to when you invest in Solo Build It through this page, you'll receive -

  • Free instant access to our comprehensive, ongoing email coaching program that will help you get the maximum benefit from your new Solo Build It web business.

My current coaching students absolutely love this and I'm sure you will too. Every few days you'll receive another lesson that will take you step by step through the SBI process and guide you to success.

I promise it won't be like most other 'Coaching Programs' you'll find these days, where their only goal is to sell you more and more products. 

The beauty of the SBI system is it's basically self contained, you don't really need anything else to succeed as long as you follow the system.

There are two inexpensive enhancements I use with great effect that I'll share with you at the appropriate time, but that's well into the course and you can do without them if you choose to.

This course is conservatively valued at $197, but it could prove to be priceless to you...

  • Free access to our private, members only Frequently Asked Questions page. 

Here you'll find dozens of questions that my private coaching students have asked answered in detail. If you have a question, it's probably already been asked and answered on this page.

I've spent in excess of 40 hours writing these in-depth answers and compiling them into a concise format that you can use to quickly find what you need. 

At my current consulting rate of $150 an hour, that's worth $6000, but you get free unlimited access to this resource for as long as you need it.

I'm also constantly updating this section of the site, so chances are your question will have been answered by the time you need to ask it...

  • Understanding The Money Tree Formula - The first time I heard about the Money Tree Formula from one of my Mentors, best selling Author Robert Allen, I was intrigued. He had written about it in his wonderful book Multiple Streams Of Income. 

I have used this formula as a template for my life, and it's something that every Business owner should be aware of. I wrote this eBook to share Robert's idea with my clients. 

I don't claim this formula was invented by me because it wasn't, but it's so profound that I feel it is well worth sharing. Value $19.97

  • My 39 Days Ebook, where I show you the exact day by day activities I undertook to create a brand new SBI site and have it produce it's first dollar of income, without paying for traffic, in just 39 days. 

Armed with this information, you could be able to do it even more quickly than this if you follow the plan. Value $29.97

  • And finally, I've saved one of the best bonuses for last. Marketing legend Jay Abraham's advice has helped to create countless millionaires both on and off line. This ebook, as Jay says inside, conservatively valued at $279, gives you a wealth of information on massively boosting the returns you get from virtually any business. 

I sat reading with my mouth open, wildly scribbling notes as I read through the pearls of wisdom in this concise, 35 page ebook. I'm certain you'll be amazed at the power of some of the techniques Jay shares for improving the bottom line of virtually any business. 

You'll come back to this book over and over again for strategies and inspiration...I know I do.

  • Regular, unadvertised Bonus Reports and advice not available from anyone else...let's just say that you'll have a few surprises...and leave it at that :-)

In all, hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of additional bonuses, all at no extra cost, just by Ordering Solo Build It Through This Page

These ebooks and extras offer terrific additional information and will give you a solid grounding in building a profitable Solo Build It website.

I've included them to complement the 10 step process you'll be following as you read through the SBI Action Guide and the other materials that come as part of your Solo Build It package.

They aren't meant to be a substitute for the Sitesell books, but as an added learning resource that you can use to increase your knowledge over time.

You don't need to read them all at once, and I'll draw your attention to certain books (and include other free resources as well) as we go through the course where I believe they can assist you in understanding and using the content of the coaching lessons.

So, If you're ready, now's the time to Order Solo Build It and start your journey as a web business owner.

I'll see you on the other side...


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