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Solo Build It Mastery Lesson 34 - Getting Massive Leverage (And Lots More Highly Targeted Traffic) From Your Article Submissions

I received this question today from a student who's site is around 4 months old...

I'm getting visitor traffic and Google has given me a PageRank now, but can you suggest ways of boosting my traffic now that my site is up and running properly without me spending a LOT of extra time creating content?

Here's My Answer - I've found that the absolute best way (apart from paying for traffic or getting the free stuff :-) to boost traffic numbers is to write articles and then let Article submit them to their thousands of directories and other publishers. 

You remain unaffected by the Google gyrations and it's a much more reliable long term source of targeted visitors.

You can submit them yourself (painful and very time consuming to submit to a lot of directories), but you get massive leverage when they do it - I should have started using them instead of doing it myself years ago, it's really cool.

I write and submit one article a day if I can now and they check it and get it out within a day or two.

It's not a free service (I bought the Article Marketer lifetime subscription, but you can go three months at a time, or even submit some for free to a smaller list) but for the amount of time it saves me, it's a no brainier.

I've finally started to outsource much of this labor intensive stuff and my free time has tripled, I highly recommend it.

Of course your article resource box needs to drive people to a page where they can opt-in to your newsletter database and not your home page (I made this mistake for YEARS) so you have a chance to follow up with them.

Plus, I'd recommend you have your Aweber newsletter signup pop up whenever your home page loads to increase the number of people you get opting in.

Having the same people returning to your site over and over again (through links in your newsletter) is even better than getting new people coming for the first time, because you have a relationship with these people and they are more likely to buy from your recommendations.

That's why I stress having people opt-in to a newsletter is so important. 

I think you need to expand in the benefits of getting your newsletter as well, make a compelling offer on your opt-in page and give people some sort of free bonus gift when they do or expand on what your course includes so they know what they are getting. 

You can offer something from the thankyou page, although it's better to give it to them from the post-confirmation thankyou page.

If you make your site's Most Wanted Response an opt-in, your traffic and revenue will get a massive boost over time, guaranteed.

Get onto other related site's newsletter lists and see what they are saying to get more ideas for content, and you can also include Q&A from your questions page (even if you have to make the first few up yourself from typical questions you know others are asking) as content as well. 

Plus, these will make great additional pages for your site (like I've done with the private member's area in the coaching course - eventually you could charge for membership to this area full of useful tips or use the content for an ebook/audio course)

Hope this helps...

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We'll look at using articles to boost traffic again in our next issue.

Until then, please take care,


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