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Solo Build It Mastery Coaching Lesson 8

- The Secret Strategy For Leveraging Your Existing Content...

Hi again and welcome to this lesson.

How are you going with your new SBI website? Did you have a chance to complete the steps I outlined in the last message? If you did, great work.

If you're still not there yet, that's OK, just file the email message that brought you to this page away for future reference and when you're ready, get it out again and follow the steps outlined below.

This a VERY long lesson, but it's critical that you 'get' this strategy right away and understand it's importance so you can get maximum leverage from your ongoing website building efforts...

OK, let's begin.

For most websites in the majority of niche markets, your over-riding goal as Most Wanted Response for every person who ever arrives at your site should be just one thing…

You've Got To Capture Your Visitor's
Name And Email Address

Of course, you'll need a way of capturing your visitor's names and email addresses when they arrive, so that's why you need to follow the instructions outlined in the last message before you tackle this project.

If you don't have a way of capturing your visitor's details, you'll be wasting a lot of valuable time driving traffic to your site and losing them again without having the opportunity of following up and building a relationship with them over the weeks and months ahead.

So when you've set up your name capture mechanism, you're ready for the next step.

What we are going to do is leverage your existing content and turn it into articles which you can upload to the top article directories for other website publishers to use on their websites.

Your articles could be picked up by hundreds or thousands of other websites and used as content all over the web. You could become a 'Guru' in your niche market in a very short period of time using this strategy.

Why just use your content once when you can spread it around and put it to use hundreds of times?

Plus you'll have an incoming link from each article on other people's websites to yours, increasing your link popularity and ultimately Google PageRank, both of which are very important if you are trying to get high search engine rankings (which you want of course :-).

See how it all fits together?

Writing and submitting articles is one of the highest leverage activities you will invest your time in as you build your web business. It will give you a massive edge over other sites in your niche if you do it correctly.

So, Here Are The Steps To Article Marketing Success…

Step 1 - Take an existing article or story you've written for your website and change it into a 'How To' or a 'Tips' type of article.

Step 2 - Put a 'Resource Box' at the bottom of each article directing people to a page where you can capture their name and email address and telling them why they should visit and subscribe.

Step 3 - Use Unique Article Wizard to automatically submit my articles to thousands of article directories and ezine editors who are actively looking for fresh content

OK, Here's The 3 Steps Explained In Detail...

Step 1 - Take an existing article or story you've written for your website and change it into a 'How To' or a 'Tips' type of article.

For example, your German shepherd dog website's article on potty training new puppies would become 'Three Steps To Potty Training Your New Puppy.'

You change your article for two reasons.

One, because you don't want what's called duplicate content exactly the same as yours on thousands of other websites. It's OK if other webmasters all take your article and have duplicate content on their websites, you just don't want the same article on your website…

The other is that 'How To' articles are the most popular with readers.

People are looking for specific steps they can take now to get a result. Give them clear instructions that provide the information they are looking for and they will read your articles and recommend them to their friends as well.

Step 2. Put a 'Resource Box' at the bottom of each article directing people to a page where you can capture their name and email address and telling them why they should visit and subscribe.

Most people get this part totally wrong. I was doing it incorrectly myself until I finally 'got it' from watching my friend and mentor jimmy Brown and how he does it.

As an example of how your article should look and what a correctly formatted resource box should look like, please read this article and see how I've structured it, then I'll take you through it step by step and analyze if so you know how to put an article together properly yourself.

3 Simple Steps To Becoming A
Successful Emini Trader

By Rocky Tapscott

Trading the Emini futures market can be the ultimate lifestyle business. No employees, no boss, time freedom, you can run your business from anywhere, and enjoy potentially very good earnings.

If only it wasn't so difficult to make it all work...

You know what I mean. You do your analysis, see a trade, and hit the order button. And then you start to worry. What if I'm wrong. What if that reporter on the finance show was right about the jobs number coming in higher than expected. And the Fed could raise rates this afternoon. 

Your mind starts racing with all sorts of 'What would happen if?' thoughts, so you decide you'll wait until tomorrow, just in case these demons combine to knock you out of your trade with a loss. 

You hit the shops, or the beach, or the woods...anything to take your mind off trading for today. Tomorrow will be better you assure yourself, and you bask in the feeling of relief that your precious capital is no longer at risk today.

But tomorrow is the same. There's a different set of risk factors for sure, but they are still there, haunting you and your trading. You become paralyzed and can't function. And your confidence and your account balance start to suffer. If this sounds familiar, here is a simple three-step solution to your Emini trading problems.

Step 1 - Decide that trading is a business just like any other. Traders who are successful over a long period of time treat their trading as a business, not a hobby.

Traders who stick around for a while, blow their accounts and give up are usually trading for the excitement the action gives them or for the rush of being in the market.

If that sounds like your current trading style, beware. You are due for a lot of emotional and financial pain before your trading days are over (which could be sooner than you think). Treat trading as a business, learn and test different approaches, and you'll massively increase your chances of long-term success.

Step 2 - Don't try to forecast where the market is going - trade reality. 

I spent years studying WD Gann's work and all it did was blind me to the facts - if you think you can forecast where the market is heading consistently, you are deluding yourself. The bottom line to whether you can forecast will be your account balance, and for most people who try, it's not a pleasant experience.

Sure you'll get it right sometimes, and that's the most dangerous thing about forecasting. By tossing a coin you'll be right half the time, so you tend to get random rewards when you trade. You win some, and think your forecasting ability is great. Then you lose some after doing the exact same analysis, and you start to question yourself and your abilities.

Eventually this lack of consistency forces you to either change your strategy or give trading away to protect your sanity...

Step 3 - Learn how to trade from somebody who is prepared to coach, guide and mentor you until you are proficient and making money on your own.

To succeed long-term at trading you must think and act like a competent business person in any other market. You will need to study and learn your craft by taking courses, you will need to develop a business plan, and you certainly need sufficient capital to ride out your learning curve and become a successful trader.

You will need a certain amount of on-the-job training, but learning this way from scratch can be terribly expensive compared to finding somebody who will coach you until you are ready.

You'll learn how to trade the Emini much more quickly if you have somebody who's done it professionally watch over your shoulder and guide you as you trade. You simply can't learn this stuff from books and courses. You need to be shown how to do it...

If you were mining for gold, what would you prefer; somebody to sell you a map, a shovel and a compass and tell you where to go, or somebody to actually take you down deep into the mine, physically show you to where to dig for the gold, and then help you carry it up to the surface?

The answer is obvious isn't it?

Bottom line? Find somebody who is prepared to coach and mentor you and your chances of becoming a wildly successful Emini trader will become a whole lot better.

To be coached and mentored by some of the best Emini traders in the world, visit You'll be able to grab a Free stock trading strategy video revealing a trade entry signal that’s right up to 77.4% of the time, and gives you a simple way to position yourself breakouts in the Stock Market days before they actually occur,

Ok, let's analyze this article to
see how it's put together.

1. Write a How To or 'Tips' article and make sure you choose a compelling title. Your Title needs to contain your main keyword and offer a BENEFIT to anyone interested in finding an answer to the problem you are writing about. How To and 'Tips' articles are very popular and I'd recommend you start off by using this format.

2. Step by step format. People want information quickly and they want a SYSTEM that will help them achieve results. A short, step by step system will keep people reading your articles until the end.

3. Make your most important point LAST, and if possible make success with the other points dependent on the final point being met. Pose a problem that your reader MUST overcome in order to succeed in the final point and make them think about how they are going to achieve this for themselves.

4. A Resource Box that provides the SOLUTION and 'gets the click'. Make an offer of a free Video, Report or Mini Course in your resource box THAT PROVIDES THE SOLUTION TO THE FINAL POINT IN YOUR ARTICLE, and instead of directing people to your website's Home page, capture your visitor's name and email address through an opt-in page when they arrive to check you out.

You can see how I do this in the article above - The final point is: Find somebody who is prepared to coach and mentor you and your chances of becoming a wildly successful Emini trader will become a whole lot better. 

This gets traders thinking about how they can find somebody to mentor them. Then in the Resource Box I give them the solution - visit Sam's site to grab a Free Mini Course and book themselves in for a Free Trading Consultation to work out where they need to change things.

When people register for the Mini Course, they are offered a Free Consultation on the Thank You page. Many people take this opportunity, and talk to Sam about their trading. Some of them then go on to become long-term customers...

That's the system in a nutshell.

Write useful articles that give 'useful but incomplete' information (or have them written for you by somebody else). Your final point poses a common problem and then encourages your readers to visit your website (and grab your Mini Course or some other freebie) for the solution.

How do you use this?

Write several articles covering various topics related to your niche following the formula above, and submit them to several major article directories (in particular, make sure you submit your articles to

Create a Video, a Free Report or Mini Course that will answer your reader's questions and put a Resource Box like the one I've written above at the end offering your freebie to your readers.

Capture your visitor's name and email address on the landing page your visitors come to from your articles and then follow up with them using your own content and articles. In this way, you'll be building a long-term relationship with your readers by continuing to follow up with more articles you've written yourself (or had written by somebody else), and when you recommend a product or service, they'll be more likely to buy it through you.

You can use Form Build It for the mini course and the SBI Newsletter module for follow up, but because they don't yet integrate with each other it can be a pain to get it working. 

For this reason I prefer to use an autoresponder (I use and recommend Aweber) because you can set your messages up in a logical sequence and there's no limit to how many you can add onto the end (or how many lists you can have).

Plus you can just send a broadcast message any time you have something special to tell your list. It costs 20 bucks a month but it will pay off handsomely for you over time.

Step 3. Become a member of at least 5 of the Article Directories below and submit your new 'How To' article to them.

Here's a list of some of the top Article Directories.

At the very least, you should submit your article to and

Submit to all of them if you have the time. Your effort will be repaid many times over…

Important Note - And please don't get sidetracked by offers for things such as Traffic Swarm and all of the other hoky stuff you'll see promoted in popups on some of these Article Directory sites. The best marketers in the business don't use this rubbish, so neither should you.

Submitting to all of these Directories manually is fine, but it's a huge drain on your time. I use Unique Article Wizard to automatically submit my articles to thousands of article directories and ezine editors who are actively looking for fresh content.

Your time is much better spent writing new content or doing other strategic business activities like planning new advertising campaigns or building more content pages than manually submitting your articles to hundreds of different places, especially when you can outsource it so inexpensively.

T watch two videos that show you what Unique Article Wizard is an does, visit this page.

So if you want to save yourself HUNDREDS of hours submitting your articles to all these places, check out Unique Article Wizard to see if it suits your needs. This service truly is one of the most leveraged things I do when it comes to generating traffic.

One important thing to remember - I always submit to manually first because it's the best at generating traffic in my experience and gives me a high PageRank link back as well. 

Step 6. Do this with at least 5 pages of your current content if possible. If you have to, write additional content and submit that to the Article Directories above.

Step 7. Continue writing additional content and building pages for your website. Each time you have a page you can modify into a 'How To' or 'Tips' type of article, change it and submit it to at least 5 Article Directories (OK, one or two if you're really strapped for time) or use Unique Article Wizard.

I've already mentioned that this is an extremely high leverage activity.

I heard marketing guru John Reese talking about one lady (I think she was a Life Coach) who wrote 3 articles a week for 12 months and submitted them to several Article Directories.

She went from near zero website traffic and just 40 ezine subscribers to over 8000 unique visitors a day and tens of thousands of ezine subscribers in just over a year.

Article marketing works. Get into it early! In 12 months time, you could be the authority in your market...a real live 'Guru'.

Your list will start to grow and your relationship building can begin…and you're in business.

Ok, that's it for today. I'd love to hear your feedback on how your article marketing strategy is going.

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That's all for today,

Until next time,