Here's A Step By Step Run Down On How The 'How To Profit From Your Hobby' Ebook System Works...

Thankyou for registering to promote Solo Build It using my How To Profit From Your Hobby ebook.

This is a very long web page - it didn't start out that way :-), but I wanted to share the reasons why I've created this system the way I did so you can understand the power of it.

Having said that, it could be a good idea to print this page, grab a drink, find a quiet spot and study it a couple of times. 

The incentive for reading all the way to the end and then taking action with what you will learn is that you could start earning a residual income stream that other people only dream of...

Are you up to it?

Ok, let's begin...

In this introduction to the system, I'll be sharing my thoughts on why I wrote the ebook the way I did and how it works to give you multiple chances of making sales of Solo Build It and other Sitesell products.

Feel free to model this system for creating your own viral ebooks for any other products you regularly promote to your respective niche markets. 

Important Note - I'm the first to admit that I didn't create this system. I used what I learned from Jimmy Brown's List and Traffic Newsletter and implemented parts of his List Profit System in the ebook and the follow up messages your readers will be receiving.

In the coaching lessons you'll be receiving over the days and weeks ahead, I make reference to Jimmy's List and Traffic Newsletter several times. I do this because I firmly believe that it is the best value for money investment you will ever make as you build your online business.

You are going to pay for your business education one way or another. 

Most people blunder through wasting time and money making expensive mistakes instead of getting the right information up front from somebody who's happy to share it for a remarkably low price. 

By paying a small amount for your education, you'll avoid many of the traps that most marketers make (including me at the start :-).

For $10 a month, reading Jimmy's newsletter has seen my online earnings go from a few dollars a month to several thousand dollars a month in only a few months. 

The re-brandable ebook you are about to download would never have existed had I not listened to, and acted upon, Jimmy Brown's teachings.

Of course, I can't guarantee you'll be able to have the same life changing experience as I have had with the information you'll learn from Jimmy, but if you are serious about building a profitable online business, you'll gladly invest 10 bucks a month to learn from this master marketer.

You might just save yourself years of wasted time (and of course, time is our most important asset - you only get one go at this thing called life and everyone's time is limited) and build a wonderfully profitable web business because of it...

Check out what Jimmy's newsletter offers here... (opens in a new window)

Ok, I'll get off my soap box now and share how the ebook gives you multiple chances of making Solo Build It sales by simply giving it away for free...

First of all, I'm going to assume you've followed the instructions you'll find in the ebooks you just downloaded from the affiliates page (where you just came from) and you've re-branded your copy of the ebook with your own Sitesell Affiliate link. 

Let's run through the process your reader, let's call her Mary, will most likely go through when she comes across your article, email message, or ad somewhere online (don't worry, I'll show you how to set all of these lead generation methods up in the coaching course you've subscribed to), visits your website, and downloads the ebook.

Step 1 - Mary opens the ebook and starts reading. At the bottom of page 2 she finds an unadvertised bonus - access to the special Private Member's Site I've created for you where she can download a continually growing series of extra reports and read more about turning her favorite hobby into a business.

Take a few moments to listen to the short audio message below (click on the left hand 'play' button) for more details...

Here's the link for you to register for the Private Member's Site so you'll understand the follow up process I'll be using (opens in a new window). 

Take a few moments to look around. I'll show you how you can benefit from adding your very own information products to the Members Site later on in this letter.

Mary clicks on the link and goes to the Private Site registration form. 

She enters her name and email address into the form and gets a thankyou message telling her it's OK to close the page and continue reading the ebook.

By registering for the Private Members Site, Mary's details are added to a follow up sequence of email messages that give her more information on turning her hobby into a profitable business. 

These messages continue to promote the idea of building a website using Solo Build It as the best option (because it is the best option for most people) and use examples and proof to help her come to the logical conclusion that SBI is the way to go..

Step 2 - Mary closes the 'Thankyou For Joining The Private Site' message window and starts reading through the ebook again. She comes to Nori Evoy's case study, visits Nori's site and is impressed that a teenager could have created something so cool (not to mention profitable!).

At the end of Nori's story, I give her a step by step guide on exactly how she can follow Nori's lead and do a similar thing around something she loves doing

If she really is a potential customer, her interest will definitely be aroused after reading Nori's story and she will want to learn more.

Mary reads on a little further and sees the link to the SBI Action Guide

"What's this?" she thinks, let's have a look.

As soon as Mary clicks on the link to the Action Guide (and as long as she is a new Sitesell customer as explained below), she now has your Sitesell cookie on her computer because you've re-branded the ebook with your affiliate link, and anything she buys from Sitesell (as long as she doesn't visit any Sitesell domains through another affiliate's link first) will be credited to you.

Important Note - If you aren't sure how the Sitesell cookie system works, please visit this page for more information before you go on.

Step 3 - After Mary reads through some of the Action Guide and closes that window, she continues on through the ebook until she sees a link to a page where she can find out more about how Nori built her site. 

This link goes to the Work From Home page at Sitesell, and is branded with your affiliate link.

Mary may or may not visit this page yet, but it's there for future reference.

She continues reading through the various case studies, finding more and more examples of other people just like her who have taken this tool and built successful web businesses for themselves.

Mary is starting to think, hey this might just work for me! And she's absolutely right...

There are links to several different Sitesell information pages throughout the ebook, all branded with your affiliate link.

Every time Mary clicks on one of these links and visits any Sitesell page, she gets your cookie on her computer again as long as he still hasn't become a customer through somebody else as explained earlier.

Every case study ends with a step by step action plan that Mary can follow to model what she's just read in the example. I've tried to make it as easy as possible for her to see herself in the picture actually using SBI to build her own web business.

Step 4 - Now we come to the conclusion. 

I go through who should buy Solo Build It and who shouldn't. 

The basis for this 'who should buy/who shouldn't buy' SBI section comes from Anne-Marie Killer and her offline system for selling SBI mentioned in the Sitesell Forum and her offline sales model ebook.

**You can visit the Sitesell Forum if you are interested in learning more about Ann-Maree's offline sales methods.

I adapted her system for use in my ebook because it cuts right to the heart of what makes a successful Solo Build It buyer (thankyou for sharing this with us Ann-Marie).

Step 5 - After looking through the 'How I Found SBI' thread on the Sitesell Forum, it was obvious that a large percentage of people who eventually buy SBI do so after reading the Masters Courses, particularly the Affiliate Masters Course.

For this reason, I stress the importance of Mary downloading this course and reading through it as soon as she can.

It is a wonderful PRE-selling tool and it will convert a high percentage of your ebook readers into long term customers.

Step 6 - I then send Mary to the Sitesell Results page, where she can see literally hundreds of success stories, not all as powerful as the case studies, but the sheer number and diversity of successful sites on that page is a compelling reason to discount any other web building package and choose SBI instead.

Again, it's a great PRE-selling tool

Step 7 - The Bonus Offer. I've found through testing that even though Solo Build It is hands down the best product available for doing what it does, and getting people to buy once they 'get it' isn't that difficult, getting people to buy it from you instead of another affiliate comes down to adding bonuses to the package.

Mary, your prospect, probably has no idea about affiliate programs, ecommerce, cookies or anything else to do with her future web business at this stage. 

You've recruited her from your article or advertisement focused on dog lovers, craft lovers, swimmers or some other niche and she's reading about SBI for the first time.

If she is switched on and cautious, she will do some research on her own and find all sorts of competing offers for Solo Build It and everything else on the planet, all trying to woo her away from buying through you.

Most affiliates still have the view that they don't need to add bonuses to the package to make sales. 

I'm here to tell you that you won't ever make it into the top 5% of Sitesell affiliates (which is where I want to see you) if you don't offer some sort of incentive to keep your prospect out of the clutches of every other Sitesell affiliate who's trying to steal her lifetime business away from you...

For this reason, I've put together a bonus package which includes my Personal Coaching Course, access to a large Frequently Asked Questions page, and several other ebooks and mini courses.

My current students love these extras and I get emails every day thanking me for putting them together.

Every person who buys SBI through the page mentioned in the ebook and then follows the instructions I give them for registering their purchase gets access to this bonus package and coaching course.

This is a major incentive for people to buy through the link in the ebook instead of having their mom or a friend become a Sitesell affiliate and buying through their link instead.

These bonuses are exclusively for people who buy SBI through the ebook, and your buyers will be motivated to buy through that link (with your affiliate link cookied into their computer) rather than somebody else so they can get their hands on them.

Important Note - If you would like to create your very own viral ebook or report like I've done with the How To Profit From Your Hobby ebook and offer it as part of the Bonus Package or in the Private Members' site, I'd love to include it for you.

Click on the play button below for a brief message from me about adding your own ebook or report to either the Private Members Area or the Bonus Package buyers receive when they purchase Solo Build It through a link in the ebook.

As long as it is a good quality report, isn't completely filled with affiliate links for all sorts of different products (keep it focused on one or at the most two products - I read an ebook once written by a well known Internet 'guru' (I actually PAID for this one) and I stopped counting the affiliate links for different products when they got to 50!) and adds value to our readers' lives, send it to me along with a note saying I can add it to either the Members Area or the Bonus Package.

Please also include a message saying that you're happy for everyone who either registers for the Private Site or as a SBI buyer to receive a copy.

Your benefit from doing this is that potentially thousands of people will download and read your ebook as part of one of these packages.

You could generate lots of interest and visitors to your site over time; then you have the chance to capture their names and email addresses and maybe turn them into lifelong customers.

And if doesn't have to be about marketing or website building. 

I'm happy to consider any topic as long as it can be tied into helping our readers in some way. 

So, if your ebook or report can help people  -

  • Make more money or create residual income

  • Find more time to do the things they would like to do

  • Enjoy their lives more in any way that has mass appeal

  • Build better relationships with their family, friends and love ones

  • Leave a legacy or make it a better world for all of us to share...

...please let me know about it.

As you can see, there's a broad range of possibilities here for you to create a short ebook or report and have it added to either the Private Site or the Bonus Package for lasting results.

And if your report doesn't fit into one of the categories mentioned above, but you think our broad range of readers would benefit from it, please get in touch and tell me what you have to offer. 

I'll take a look and let you know if I think it's right for the package (or maybe an upcoming package I'm working on).

**For best results, make sure the links in your ebook or free report go to an opt-in page on your website rather than your home or any other page. 

That way, every person who clicks through to your site from your ebook or report is exposed to your opt-in form and you'll have a chance to capture their contact details instead of them just visiting your site that one time.

If you'd like to include something in one of these packages, please tell me by using the contact form and I'll let you know where to send it.

Not sure how to create your own viral reports? 

I'll share tips and ideas on how to do this in the coaching course over the next few weeks, and Jimmy Brown's List and Traffic Newsletter goes into great details about exactly how to do it.

Ok, time to move on to...

Step 8 - I ask everyone who has purchased SBI by this stage to register their package to download their bonuses. Here's the second way your free ebook or report could find it's way onto thousands of computers and get read by a lot of people over the months and years ahead.

**Every time anyone using this system sells a SBI package or becomes a member of the Private Site, depending on where your ebook or report is offered, it will be among the bonuses they will download.

It could be all over the Internet and drive long term traffic to your website for work you only did once.

That's the power of creating a report and adding it to this package. It's certainly something you should consider.

Step 9 - Here's where it gets really interesting for you...I then tell Mary that she can earn an ongoing stream of income by simply giving the ebook away.

This makes it so easy for her to register as a Sitesell affiliate and start promoting the ebook herself to her family, friends, clients and everybody else.

I put this message in at the end of the book (and in the follow up series of messages she will be receiving as a member of either the Private Site and the Coaching Program) because she will have undoubtedly clicked on at least one link to the Sitesell site as she read through the ebook.

This means that her computer will have been branded with your Sitesell cookie. 

When she follows the step by step guide she will find on the affiliate registration page, she will be registered as an affiliate under you and you will earn second tier commissions on every sale she ever makes.

Of course, Mary may never make a sale, but she will also be reading this page and receiving the affiliate coaching course which will guide her through the exact same process of using the How To Profit From Your Hobby ebook to promote SBI that you will be learning over the next few weeks.

This could see you earning ongoing Sitesell second tier affiliate commissions from Mary's efforts without lifting a finger...

This is the real power of the ebook and marketing system I've put together.

As long as you earn at least $100 in personal sales each month to new Sitesell customers (that's just two SBI sales yourself per month from your own efforts and from distributing the ebook), you'll receive 25% of your affiliate teams total earnings.

And as your team members get further and further into this coaching course, they will have the opportunity of selling more and more SBI's and other Sitesell products to help you along.

Cool Huh?

Step 10 - The resource directory. Here I run through some of the best PRE-selling pages and tools available from Sitesell. Mary has everything she needs here to make an informed decision on whether Solo Build It is right for her.

And all the while, she has multiple email messages from me automatically arriving in her inbox, giving her more reasons to both buy SBI and become a Sitesell affiliate because of the wonderful opportunity the 5 Pillar Program offers as a low risk way of starting a real business with residual income from home.

Let's take a moment to have a look at how the email follow up system I've set up works...

1) If Mary subscribes to the Private Members Site (which is highly likely), she will receive a series of messages giving her lots of valuable information on using a web business to turn her favorite hobby, skill or pastime into a business.

These ongoing messages give her multiple chances to buy SBI and have the sale credited to you.

2) If Mary buys Solo Build It and registers her purchase to receive her bonus package, she is automatically unsubscribed from the Member's Site autoresponder list (although she still has access to the articles and resources of Member's Site) and placed on a separate list where I guide and coach her through the process of setting up and building her new SBI web business.

At appropriate times, I recommend additional Sitesell tools such as Make Your Knowledge Sell and Make Your Words Sell.

And finally, every time there is a special offer from Sitesell (a Two For One sale or the Extra Site For $100 Promotion), I'll send Mary an email message letting her know about it.

If Mary is ready to buy another SBI site when one of these promotions comes along (over 40% of Solo Build It owners own more than one SBI site) or she buys an ebook or something else from Sitesell, you'll automatically receive the commissions on all of these sales as well!

3) Mary can also become a Sitesell affiliate and earn you second tier commissions on all of the sales she makes for as long as she continues to be a part of the program.

Throughout the coaching course she receives as a Solo Build It buyer, I'll be discussing the 5 Pillar Program and asking her if she want's to participate. If she does, she becomes a part of your team and you'll qualify for second tier commissions on all of her sales.

And lastly, in the affiliate's coaching course you'll be receiving over the next few days, I'll share secrets of how to find joint venture partners who will promote Solo Build It to their lists and visitors for you and give you potentially huge second tier earnings and residual commissions. 

This is a very exciting but little known strategy that hardly anyone outside of the Internet marketing arena is using to it's maximum advantage. If you use it in niche markets where it's not being done properly if at all, it should put a real smile on your face :-)

As part of this program, I'll show you exactly how to put this system into practice. More on that in a couple of days...

In summary...

Can you see the power of this system for creating a long term, residual income stream?

Click on the play button below to hear a final message from me that wraps up the system...

Of course, you have to get started and promote the ebook, and I can't guarantee your results, but the way the system is set up, for a little work upfront and some ongoing effort (a few hours a week from home) you could do very well.

So that's the system in a nutshell (admittedly, it's a very large nutshell :-).

If you have any questions or problems, please let me know by using the contact form and I'll do my best to help you out.

I wish you every success as a 5 Pillar Affiliate. 

As you work your way through the coaching course to follow, and if you're serious about making the most of this golden opportunity, make sure you do the tasks I set for you in each lesson, and I'm sure you'll be amazed with the results.

Until your first coaching lesson,

Warmest regards,

P.S. And if you have any ideas, tips or thoughts on how I can make this system even better, please let me know by using the contact form. I'd love to hear from you.


Recommended Resources

Solo Build It - If you don't have your own Solo Build It website, you really should. You know what it is and does, so I won't bore you with the details. 

Why not go out and replicate what Nori, Marney, Judd and Jim have done for yourself. Then you can promote Solo Build It with the conviction of somebody who has used it to succeed.

Jimmy Brown's List And Traffic Newsletter - Apart from the Sitesell tools, you need this if you want to supercharge your online business, no matter whether you have a website or not. For the price of a pizza each month, you'll get a first class marketing education and avoid the mistakes so many website owners make.

It's the only information product I recommend for most people for one good reason; Jimmy's ideas and strategies just flat out work.

Make Your Knowledge Sell - This is a great read if you are wondering how to get your skills, experience or knowledge into words so you can turn them into a profitable business. Highly recommended.

Make Your Words Sell - If you have to write sales pieces as opposed to PRE-selling products (which you'll learn about in make Your Content Presell if you are a SBI owner), this is the book for you.

It cuts through the BS of the web and gives you straight forward instructions on making your voice heard over the noise and clutter of the Internet. Also Highly Recommended.

Make Your Content Presell - If you own Solo Build It, this is included in your package (download it through Site Central), but if not, it's certainly worth getting if you have a website or are thinking of building a non-SBI site (heaven forbid!!).

If you decide to invest in Make Your Content Presell, I'm sure you'll find it's one of the best 10 bucks you'll ever spend.


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