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Question - I've got several potential topics I'm considering to build my website around, but they are very broad and I'm not sure which way to go with this. 

How do I decide which topic to stick with out of all of these alternatives, and then how do I maximize the profitability of that topic?

Answer - I know what you mean, out of the millions of topics that could be the one, it's hard to decide. 

The topics you mentioned are all great candidates for a market, but are all really broad, which means to do them justice, you'll need a very large site to cover all of the sub-topics you'll dig up with Brainstormer.

If you haven't already, read this lesson on how Perry Marshall started small and then became a household name in the Internet Marketing community - 

The ideal position to be in is to brand yourself as an expert in one small part of a market, and then work your way out to the wider niche from there. 

I've done this in these markets so far, Solo Build It - 

...profiting from your hobby... 

...and as the guy to go to for web marketing in my community of Beaudesert here in Australia - 

I've also done it for clients and JV partners in various markets and it works a treat :-)

In each case I've taken the broader market and niched it down to a much smaller one. That way you reduce the competition at the start, then as you become more well known you can gradually add more topics to your field of expertise and become known for more and more things.

There's more on how to do that here - 

For your domain name, you could start off with a generic name that covered the entire niche, and build your site out one topic at a time if you wanted to. Then reformat the site later on as you add more topics.

This system may not be totally applicable for your particular market, but think about this as you do your research and try to position yourself as an expert in any market you want to focus on, even if you aren't an expert already. 

You can study online or take courses to become an expert in a topic you love but aren't qualified in as yet, and then you can confidently brand yourself as an authority.

Here's a stack of resources for niche research that you may not have seen yet - 

For those of you who are past the niche selection stage, many of the same lessons above still apply. 

Become an expert in your topic, then brand yourself as one by answering questions from your readers, sharing quality information and advice, offer great product recommendations and ultimately create your own products that address your readers main problems and concerns.

How do you know which products you should create?

Survey your readers and ask them what they need to achieve the results they are after..

Then use their answers to create products and services to meet their needs, or find affiliate products if you don't want to create your own.

And speaking of creating your own products...this short video shows you how you can get started creating your own products immediately.

I really hope this article helps you to get the most out of your online business.

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