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Solo Build It Mastery Coaching Lesson 5 - Pinning Down Your Niche

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Hi again, and welcome to lesson five.

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For new SBI owners 

How is your Brainstorming and 'starving crowd' finding going? Have you checked your interests and hobbies to see how they rank as profitable website topics?

This is a fun discovery time. Just as treasure hunters hope to find gold, you're going to uncover your SBI Niche gold.

This is one of the best parts - digging into what makes you tick. What you are interested in, what you bring to the table in terms of likes and dislikes, life experiences, etc.

Write down four questions at the top of four separate pieces of paper:

~ What are you passionate about?

~ What are your hobbies?

~ What problems have you overcome in life?

~ Your personal life experiences (death, divorce, birth, etc).

You may be asking "What does this have to do with an online business?"

Glad you asked (at least I assumed you asked yourself that).

Are you in this for the long term?

To avoid being a flash-in-the-pan website, you need to pick an idea that excites you; something that you will spend time finding facts and information on and that you will be researching and writing about.

The passion element is important (but not project stopping). It's just easier to reach your audience emotionally when you care about what you're discussing. The goal is creating an honest relationship with your readers and visitors.

So make sure you've got lots of pens and paper ready as you brainstorm your favorite niche ideas.

I've included a list of niche research sites below, but before you visit these sites, watch these two short videos...

To watch Video One, click here

To watch Video Two, click here

As discussed in Video Two, one of the best places to do your initial niche market research is

If there's a magazine about it, there's a hot market you should check out.

And while you are checking out the sites below, remember what I told you in the 4 Keys To A Successful SBI site videos. Think STARVING CROWD...

Here are 7 great resources for finding hot niche markets

Browse through the sites below and look at what people are currently looking for (and if the links to any of these sites have changed or no longer work, I'd really appreciate you letting me know by using this form so I can update this page - thanks.

Ideally you want your site to be focused on a niche market that lots of people are interested in as well as yourself.

These sites will give you a look inside some of the hottest markets online so you can see if your interests align with one or more of them.

Lycos 50 - This system shows the most popular searches at Lycos each week.

Google Zeitgeist - This service lists the things that people are searching for at Google and many other places in a variety of categories. There are versions for other countries as well as for the US market.

AOL Hot Searches - Find the top current search queries from the web. You can also see those in the last hour, last day and within different categories.

Yahoo Buzz Index - Shows you what's currently hot online and what's not based on the search results from Yahoo's database.

Ask IQ - See the top searches being done at

Dogpile SearchSpy - You can choose to see either a filtered or unfiltered sample of current popular search terms from this well run meta search service.

Google Trends - This cool tool lets you to tap into Google's search database to see what's popular at different times of the year. You can see the volume of queries over time, by city, regions, and different languages.

Once you've narrowed down your niche, and for finding related keywords to the one you are searching on before you do a full on Brainstormer session, use the Google Keyword Tool

For even more places to look, dWoz Search Phrase Lists is a great directory of services like the ones above, for search engines large and small, across the web.

I'm sure you will find something to suit if you spend a few hours researching these websites...good luck!

Next, log into SBI Resources using your SBI username and password -

...and grab a copy of Michael Holland's Niche Treasures ebook if you didn't do this yesterday. You'll find lots of great ideas in there as well.

The SBI Tips and Techniques area (accessible from inside Site Central) also has lots of ideas for you.

Next, take a look at what other SBI owners are up to by visiting the Sitesell Results page. You're sure to get lots of ideas here -

And remember, there's always these resources to help you find that perfect market -

Existing SBI owners

Step 1 - It's time to get your pages CORRECTLY optimized. Visit Lesson 6 on this page to learn how

Step 2 - Watch these Solo Build It website reviews for tips and ideas on how to get the most out of your SBI site

Step 3 - If you haven't already done so, it's time to start building your subscriber list. Fast forward to lesson 7 to learn how.

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I really hope these resources and answers help you to find your niche so you can move to the next stage of building your business.

Until next time,


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